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Lamberts makes infrastructural changes to comply with social distancing

AS a result of Covid-19, London-based metal-plating magnate Lamberts was forced to make infrastructural changes to comply with the prevailing social distancing measures. Additional measures also had to be taken to significantly increase safety on the work floor. In the literal sense of the word because a new industrial floor by Remmers was eventually installed in the plating department of the factory.

Metallisation is a labour-intensive surface treatment in which a zinc-aluminium layer is thermally sprayed onto various materials. Therefore, the new industrial floor at Lamberts had to meet a range of requirements. First, the floor had to withstand intensive pedestrian traffic and heavy machinery. As a second condition, the floor also had to be resistant to aggressive chemicals used in the production process.

On the basis of these criteria Remmers formulated a technical advice, which contractor K2 Contracting and applicator Kealy Industrial Floor could use to set to work. The system of choice was an epoxy screed of about 5mm, topped off with an Epoxy Flex PH coating and Pur Top Plus topcoat. The choice of resin flooring wasn’t taken lightly, to say the least, as a series of chemical tests were carried out beforehand to find the right product composition.

Says Remmers: ‘The unique combination of Epoxy Flex PH, a resistant coating with residual flexibility for surfaces exposed to vehicle traffic and mechanical stress, and Pur Top M Plus, a transparent anti-slip sealant that enhances worker safety, ultimately proved to be the key to success.

‘A wonderful addition to an already impressive portfolio of Remmers, which ranges from decorative resin floors for homes, lofts, and offices over delicate floor systems for the chemical and electronics industry to heavy production floors for factories in the automotive and aerospace sector.’

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Concludes the company: ‘Established in the UK since 1989, Remmers UK is a premier manufacturer of synthetic resin products for the construction and refurbishment sectors. Our individual floor-coating systems and detailed solutions are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of substrates, from economical coatings to heavy duty screeds. Our products are produced in accordance with British Standards and the guidelines from FeRFA, the UK Resin Flooring Association.’

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