Armada: Getting back to work safely

As construction adapts to the new reality imposed by Covid-19 and social distancing, employers have now got additional responsibility for their teams safety – particularly when out on the road or onsite.
Armada has submitted the following statement:
At Armada we have been talking with many concerned customers who have been wondering how to get their teams back on site and keep them safe at the same time. Initially it was mainly the essential workers, those working on critical hospital projects or fire safety works. However it soon became clear that eventually all of us were going to have to get back to work in an environment quite different from the one we were used to!
We held a company brainstorming session in an effort to find ways of helping our customers in these difficult times. The idea of individual sanitisation packs really stood out as a practical provision for people on the move!
Whilst it is possible to stock individual sites with quantities of cleaning and PPE products, it’s not so easy to provide for people when traveling around multiple sites/merchants/offices/sandwich shops etc! What they need is a handy personal kit that is with them at all times.
So the Sanibucket was born – and has been very popular!
It’s a sturdy bucket with lid and handle, filled with a range of useful items such as hand sanitiser, face masks, anti-bacterial wipes, vinyl gloves etc. We’ve also provided a space for the bucket to be personalised for your own employees.
Sanibuckets are now being used by all manner of personnel within the construction sector, including inspectors, surveyors, building control, delivery drivers etc. We have also supplied them to companies in other sectors who are facing the same safety concerns.
A popular approach has been to provide a Sanibucket for each company van, to help protect whoever goes out.
If you are looking to protect your people in this way, Sanibuckets are still available, and can be purchased on our website.
Keep safe, sanitise!
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