ENTRIES have officially opened for the CFJ/CFA Awards 2021, to be held at Coombe Abbey in September. Because installations have undoubtedly been affected by Covid-19, CFJ has this year decided to extend the timescale for entries. If you have completed an installation between January 2019-December 2020, you will be eligible to enter for the 2021 awards.

Although the success of the 2020 Awards, presented via video by former world snooker champion John Parrott on Friday 11 September, has been widely praised by the awards' sponsors, participants and viewers, the optimistic hope is that next year's event will be held in a world free of Covid-19.

Entrants are invited to send in entries that must include the following information:
Proposed category;
Installation venue;
Time-scale (and date) of installation;
Between 3 and 6 hi-res images illustrating the installation;
Number of floorlayers involved in the installation;
Manufacturers involved (if you're a contractor);
Contractors involved (if you're a manufacturer);
Problems overcome during installation;
Sustainability initiatives taken during installation;
Contact details (emails, names, postal addresses & phone numbers) of ALL other parties named by you as partners in the installation;
Hi-res logosĀ of ALL other parties named by you as partners in the installation;
Correct titles and spellings of companies as you'd expect them to appear on a trophy and certificate;
End-user comment.

Proposed categories
The following categories are proposed. We reserve the right to amend this list as entries come in:
Flooring in bars, pubs & restaurants
Flooring in community venues & public locations
Flooring in education - colleges/universities
Flooring in education - schools
Flooring in healthcare
Flooring in hotels
Flooring in industrial spaces
Flooring in international venues
Flooring in offices
Flooring in own premises
Flooring in residential development & social housing
Flooring in retail
Flooring in sports & leisure
Flooring in visitor attractions

Some tips for putting together your entry:
1 Keep it simple but provide as much information as possible;
2 Do double-check the date of the installation as it will not be eligible if it was finished before January 2019;
3 Don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any queries, regardless of how inconsequential you think they are. We are here to help make the submission process as easy as possible;
4 Please ensure your installation images are hi-res (bigger than 1MB or 2000px x 1500px). If you're selected as a finalist, we'll need to publish them in the print edition, the awards supplement and in our award presentation, and low-res images may count against your entry;
5 If you've been involved in an installation of which you're proud, but are concerned that the location isn't particularly flashy - think again! It's the standard and quality of the entry that the judges will be considering, not the status of the location. We speak to several contractors and manufacturers which say they haven't entered because they think the location isn't impressive enough, but by not entering they are missing the chance for massive free publicity and prestige.

Please note that the closing date is FRIDAY 29 JANUARY

Finalists will be chosen by FRIDAY 26 FEBRUARY, placed online shortly afterwards, and the independent judging panel will meet in person or via video on FRIDAY 26 MARCH. The winners' names will be sealed until the day of the awards.