Getting tough on dirt with the SEBO BS 360 vacuum cleaner


Setting the standard for dependable performance, the BS range of upright vacuum cleaners from SEBO has an unmatched professional pedigree. The new BS 360 and 460 offers all the benefits of the previous generation, such as a rugged low maintenance design, but with enhanced filtration and efficiency.

The SEBO BS 360/460 vacuum cleaner has a powerful twin motor design, an ergonomic carrying handle and integrated hose and wand. An electronic brush height guidance system with brush motor protection helps ensure the best performance. When the machine is put into the upright position, the brush motor will automatically turn off and will re-start when the foot pedal is depressed and the handle lowered.

One of the few machines that is able to clean even when completely flat, the SEBO BS 360/460 can get under beds and other furniture. To reach right to the edge and beneath radiators, the machine features an L-shaped cleaning head.

Maintenance is easy with the SEBO BS 360/460. When the electronic monitoring system indicates a new brush strip is required, a new one may simply be slid into place without the use of tools. Clearing blockages is equally straightforward and bags and filters are easily accessible for replacement. SEBO bags have a multi-layer design and sealable tops, so are hygienic and offer optimum performance, while the machine’s built in HEPA filter gives 'A' rated filtration.

With a rated power level of 875 W, the SEBO BS 360 is in energy efficiency class A (the BS 460 is A+), is rated B for carpet cleaning performance and A for dust removal.

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Pictured is the SEBO BS 360 vacuum cleaner