Knee and body protection from Redbacks Cushioning

Redbacks Cushioning, developers of the ‘Leaf-Spring’ cushioning technology is said to offer a range of products to help protect the knees and body from damage caused by kneeling
The Redbacks Pocket Kneepad, designed to fit work trousers, features a flexible leaf-spring held within a thermoplastic honeycomb matrix which unlike foam or gel is said to ensure a high compression rate and 100% recovery to its original shape.

‘This combination and the inherent ‘memory’ aspect gives unique controlled weight distribution; the deceleration of pressure protects both the knees and body from potentially damaging impact forces and gives long lasting, anti-fatigue support; traditional foam or gel solutions create point-pressure which focus the force or energy to a point which is then transmitted back into the knee joint and beyond,’ says the company.

‘Easy to slide in and curved to fit comfortably around the knee, the water-resistant pads which conform to CE EN14404 Type 2 Level 1 help to protect against possible injury from sharp objects, wick away sweat and provide  thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces; they’re machine washable at 30deg C and 100% recyclable.’
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