CFJLIVE, CFJ’s latest innovation in the wake of Covid-19, will launch on Tuesday 6 October and will soon be followed by more online workshops

Perhaps Covid-19 will go down in history as much more than just a member of the coronavirus family. Yes, it’s caused us tremendous damage and tragic loss in terms of the economy and human life, and while this will never be forgotten, it’s also changed us in other ways. Some say that working from home instead of the office is a genie that can’t – or won’t – be put back into the bottle. Others contend that next time we’re warned about the threat of a pandemic, we’ll listen instead of ignoring the warnings – and that we’ll be more prepared for one.

And then there’s the technological aspects, the most obvious of which is Zoom. How else could we have stayed in touch with our colleagues and kept abreast of developments in the virtual office? But Zoom is only one of several new ways that people are doing business. Hopin is another one we should be paying attention to – without this software we probably couldn’t, for instance, have delivered the virtual CFJ/CFA Awards to our audience.

CFJ will soon launch its first live online workshop involving wood finishes under the auspices of CFJLIVE. You’ll hear from Rubio Monocoat (which has just become the fourth company to join the workshop); WOCA; Bona’s technical manager, Alec Stacey, who will present a demonstration of the company’s unique brushing system used to introduce texture to a wood floor; and Junckers, which will take viewers through two live demos in 20 minutes. The first will cover its water-based lacquer primer, PreLak colours, giving users the ability to colour floors and overcoat with lacquer in under an hour while the second demo will focus on the new Junckers Strong Lacquer, reformulated, New low price but with premium performance and quality and we will touch on our new ProFinish lacquer also. Finally, it will round off with a quick chat about the new Junckers rewards programme. 

The workshop will start at 11am and last for just over an hour with a technical question-and-answer session afterwards. We’ll publish a short round-up of the workshop in our November print edition.

On Tuesday 20 October, the second workshop will take place, centred on safety flooring. Participant Tarkett is on target to include a short introduction on the product category; a pre-recorded installation demo; reasons why and where Tarkett uses safety floor including BS vs EN standards; additional offerings on the product: uni-colour weld and multi-coloured weld; and Tarkett’s ReStart Recycling program. The technical team will be on-hand during and following the video/presentation to answer live queries.

On Tuesday 3 November, you’ll be able to delve into the world of LVT courtesy of CFJLIVE, followed by entrance matting on Tuesday 17 November; designing with carpet tiles on Tuesday 1 December; and adhesives on Tuesday 22 December.

In September I wrote that along with our revolutionary ‘virtual’ awards (which was broadcast on Friday 11 September to great industry acclaim), the lockdown has inspired creativity on a level not seen before. Businesses have in a sense had their hand forced by the virus, but to the credit of the country, the construction sector, and the flooring industry, we’ve risen to meet the challenge head-on. Now CFJ has done the same.

To gain access to future workshops, watch your inbox for the link to register to the Hopin event. Each demonstration lasts between 15-20 minutes with a technical Q&A afterwards with manufacturers. We’ll also be looking at ways to obtain questions from attendees so that manufacturers can answer them directly.