Tilemaster launches Super Flow 30

TILEMASTER has launched its new ultra-rapid setting self-leveller – Super Flow 30. It says the two-part system provides a top surface finish that can be walked on within 30 minutes - and covered with decorative floorcoverings after 90 minutes and ceramics within 45-60 minutes.

The new ‘game changer’ compound is claimed to offer multiple fixer benefits – from speed, to ease of application - and can be used as a primer-less system.

Tilemaster says the launch follows 12 months of extensive onsite trials, during which the compound was fine-tuned to meet all fitter needs.

Said to be designed to save time and give peace of mind, Super Flow 30 is a moisture-tolerant bag/bottle system that’s suitable for all substrates, including timber subfloors and floors with underfloor heating systems.

Tilemaster says it has a low-odour, protein-free formulation and can be applied directly to a DPM within 24 hours, without priming, and over old adhesive residues and flooring grade asphalt/bitumen.

The product can also be used to pre-smooth prior to applying a DPM.

Superior flow, self-levelling and adhesion properties combine to give a constant ‘glass-like’ surface, with ample working time of 10-15 minutes, the company adds.

Described by Eclipse Flooring’s Darren Ewing as ‘the best levelling compound I’ve ever used; end of story’, the new compound will be available exclusively through independent flooring distributors in the UK.

Established in 1990, Tilemaster Adhesives describes itself as a UK-based family business renowned for its family virtues of care for its customers. It says it offers a comprehensive range of products, manufactured to the highest standards at its plant in Leyland, Lancashire.

Tilemaster says its one-to-one customer service spans from product formulation and packaging, to technical site support. 

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CAPTION: Tilemaster has launched its new ultra-rapid setting self-leveller, Super Flow 30