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Norcros Adhesives is adding a new powdered adhesive to its range

NORCROS Adhesives is adding a new powdered adhesive to its range, with what it describes as improved pot-life and enhanced flexural strength as the key user benefits.

Says the company: ‘Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Adhesive is a highly polymer-modified cement-based powder adhesive for jobs where the ultimate combination of speed and performance is required. It also features Norcros Reinforced Polymer Technology for increased flexural and bond strength, as well as improved crack bridging and anti-shrinkage.’

The company continues: ‘Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Adhesive has been formulated to provide a working time of 180 minutes and a setting time of six hours (both at 20degC). It’ll provide a bed thickness of 2mm to 10mm and is suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. It can be used on walls and floors internally or externally and is suitable for use in wet and total immersion areas, including swimming pools and wet rooms. It’s also suitable for use in areas where high thermal variations can be found, such as on floors with underfloor heating.’

The new adhesive is available in 20kg bags in a choice of White or Grey. The White version can reportedly be used to fix light-coloured and translucent natural stone. The Grey version should be used for fixing dark coloured natural stone tiles.

Like all Norcros Adhesive products, says the company, Norcros Semi-Rapid Adhesive benefits from a lifetime guarantee.

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