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The ‘cost-effective alternative’ for BS 8203 compliant plywood

THE extraordinary growth of luxury vinyl tile flooring has highlighted the need for careful subfloor preparation for a quality, lasting installation. While many installers head straight for BS 8203 compliant plywood for a reliable LVT and resilient installation, there’s reportedly an alternative that’s said to bring many advantages. That alternative to flooring grade plywood, says LION Floor, is LION Floor: an engineered fibreboard that’s a cost-effective and sustainable.

Says the company: ‘LION Floor is made in Finland by Finnish Fibreboard, using locally sourced and highly sustainable wood by-products, so it’s already off to a great start compared to the tropical hardwood used in the majority of flooring grade plywood. Most energy required to make LION Floor is also harnessed from biofuel, a green and sustainable source.’

It adds: ‘LION Floor’s engineered board is pre-conditioned, so unlike other oil tempered hardboard it doesn’t need wetting before installation and is ready to receive screeds and feather compounds. Simple to cut with a knife or saw and installed in the same way as plywood but eliminating core gaps and overlaps, it’s a fast and effective way to deliver a first-class resilient floor installation.’

Peter Jones of Finnish Fibreboard, says: ‘BS 8203 compliant plywood is considered the standard way to prepare subfloors before the installation of LVT or sheet vinyl floors, but there’s another way – the LION Floor way. We’ve developed the engineered fibreboard as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to flooring grade plywood and it delivers. In fact, with the new requirements in BS 8203 eliminating the vast majority of plywood commonly available on the UK market, LION Floor is now one of a very small number of fabricated underlays that can be fitted under LVT and other resilient floorcoverings that meets British Standards and CFA guidance.’

Available in 4.8mm thickness – comparable to 6mm plywood – for standard installation, LION Floor comes in various sheet sizes. LION Floor is said to be widely available. Contact to find your nearest stockist.

Watch the LION Floor video on YouTube:
For more information, contact Finnish Fibreboard (UK) using the below details.

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