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Quantum Flooring: The next evolution in stair-nosing design for specification

Quantum Flooring has announced the release of its ‘new and most innovative’ stair-nosing to date, which it says marks a new evolution in stair-nosing specification. Q-Range DUO measures 55x55mm for the tread and the riser. This complies with BS8300:2:2018, The Equality Act and Part M and Part K of the Building Regulations. Says the company: ‘Like all Quantum’s Q-Range Stair Nosings Q-Range DUO has an all-over tread design. This helps reduce the risk of slips on stairways.’ The Q-Range DUO profiles are available in three different versions.

  • >> QRd-SF153 is for use with resilient floorcoverings
  • >> QRd-SF153r has a ramp back for use with no floorcovering, 
  • >> QRd-HF153 is for use with carpet or carpet tile.

This range ensures these stair-nosings can be used with practically any floorcovering.

Q-Range DUO offers a solid colour for the whole stair-nosing by matching the riser colour along with the slip-resistant tread, which is recommended as best practice. There is a choice of 25 colours, from an LRV of 6 to 81. This offers a wide range of options when specifying for any project.

Quantum’s great new 55x55mm stair-nosings are available now. To specify the new Q-Range DUO please follow this link or copy the text specification from below:   Text Specification StatementM50/750A STAIR NOSINGS:

  • Manufacturer and reference(s): Quantum Flooring Solutions
  • Contact: +44 (0) 161 627 4222 / /
  • Material/finish: QRd-SF153, QRd-SF153r, QRd-HF153
  • Inserts: colour Colour/ Light reflectance value (LRV): Black (6). Claret (6). Dark Blue (11). Desert (77). Fawn (21). Flint (15). Granite (11). Spruce (11). Ivory (51). Jade (30). Light Grey (26). Lime (53). Mist (64). Peat (10). Photoluminescent (69). Polar Grey (49). Poppy (13). Regency (11). Royal Blue (16). Rustic (10). Sky (52). Sun (56). Mist (64). Yellow (97). Photoluminescent (69). Desert (77). White (81).
  • Adhesive: Q-Fix / Similar Approved.
  • Other: Use the free QSMS measure service: Email to book
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