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Tilemaster Adhesives introduces a new smoothing compound LevelFlex+ FINISH

‘IF you’re searching for the right smoothing compound to allow you to lay vinyl easily, then talk to Tilemaster Adhesives about our new smoothing compound LevelFlex+ FINISH,’ says the company.

‘This evolution of Tilemaster LevelFlex has been specifically developed to give a superb surface finish allowing resilient floorcoverings to be laid directly on top of the surface. As its name implies, it’s a flexible fibre-reinforced smoothing compound that is rapid-setting and drying, allowing foot traffic after 2.5 hours and floorcoverings to be applied after four hours.’

The company says it can be applied in depths from 2-60mm over a wide variety of substrates including flooring grade bitumen and asphalt, existing vinyl and ceramic tiles, steel, as well as calcium sulphate and sand and cement screeds, and concrete. It’s moisture-tolerant making it suitable for use to pre-smooth the floor before installation of an epoxy dampproof membrane (DPM).

Once you have a perfectly smooth subfloor, the use of a good quality adhesive is essential. Continues the company: ‘Tilemaster Eco-3000 is a high temperature, universal floor adhesive that’s perfect for installing luxury vinyl tile and sheet vinyl. It’s been formulated to be solvent-free with very low VOC emissions, having achieved the rating of EMICODE EC1 Plus, and has been specially developed to provide excellent adhesion properties curing to a hard set with a high-bond strength.’

Flooring can be installed after 10 minutes, when the adhesive is semi-tacked off and has reached its ‘anti-slide’ state, says the company. ‘Full tacking off takes 40 minutes and the floor is ready for light foot traffic after 12 hours.’

Tilemaster Adhesives says it has an experienced, knowledgeable commercial team which will be delighted to offer help with technical support.

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