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V4 Wood Flooring celebrates 20th anniversary

V4 says it’s home to a wide array of engineered wood flooring collections. ‘Ranging from classic and timeless European oak flooring, beautifully finished with a simple brush and oil or lacquer to contemporary colours and surfaces, perfect for characterful designs, you can be sure to find the perfect hardwood floor for your project with V4,’ it adds.

It continues: ‘V4 Wood Flooring has built a solid reputation in the industry, developed from supplying quality hardwood flooring and essential installation products to a nationwide network of specialist flooring retailers and contractors. By forming long term partnerships with their supply and manufacturing bases in Europe and around the world V4 Wood Flooring can ensure consistent levels of quality.’

This means, says V4, that its collections are consistent and well rounded, ‘allowing you to confidently specify V4 Wood Flooring for upcoming retail and commercial projects alike’.

This month, V4 Wood Flooring celebrates its 20th anniversary, ‘having come a long way since 2002’, we wanted to share the history behind its name. V4 Wood Flooring is a family-run business, specialising in real wood flooring for homes and commercial projects. ‘With foundations built on a family history of wood flooring specialists, the founders and brothers Chris and Nathan felt it important to ensure their company name represented this, always reminding them of these family values, and previous successes as their business grew.’

Their family roots in wood flooring date back to the ‘40s when their grandfather, a skilled carpenter, began installing more and more wooden parquet floors. In an effort to speed up the process while still providing a high-quality finish he came up with the innovation of bonding the parquet blocks to a cloth mesh so he could install it in ready-made patterns.

The brothers’ grandmother was critical to the success of the business as she’d receive the orders of wood blocks and handcraft all the linking panels needed for their grandfather to install the following days. Together they worked to create high-quality wood flooring that would go on to inspire V4 Wood Flooring today.

With the expertise passed down to him from his parents, Chris and Nathans’ father proceeded to follow in his parents’ footsteps, making a name for himself as an expert flooring retailer in Surrey. With a lot of hard work, his flooring retail shop soon became a success in not only carpet installation but leading the way with wood flooring – a natural and high-quality flooring alternative. The brothers were immersed in the business and would and would go on to run their own successful specialist wood flooring shop.

Fast forward to the early 2000s, they decided it was time to make their mark on the wood flooring industry, but this time in manufacturing and supply. Encouraged by the entrepreneurial nature of their father and grandfather and frustrated by the lack of quality hardwood suppliers in the UK, together they decided to take the leap from retail and establish their own hardwood flooring brand, V4 Wood Flooring.

Around this time Chris and Nathan were starting families of their own and were keen to not only create a family business their children would be proud of but also build a strong brand they one day could take over and continue the long-standing family tradition of being industry leaders in wood flooring. Wanting to keep their families’ successes in flooring at the heart of their new venture, they decided to take the V from their family name Vincent, couple with the number 4, representing generations past, present and future, and thus the name V4 Wood Flooring was born.

Says the company: ‘Today, V4 Wood Flooring sells hundreds of thousands of square metres of flooring each year, to residential and commercial customers alike. Not to mention, offering a variety of services including showroom appointments in their Surrey design centre, 1-1 support for their trade customers and bespoke sample boxes for their interior designers and architects looking to specify V4 Wood Flooring on projects nationwide and international.

‘Moving Forward V4 has plans to host a new selection of training courses for trade partners including installation and selling of engineered wood flooring, to help make it as easy as possible for you to sell V4 Wood Flooring’s products with confidence.’

The company concludes: ‘We hope that when you see the V4 logo, you can be assured you’re working with not only the highest quality products but also a family whose expertise in wood flooring spans some nine decades making V4 one of the best wood floor companies in the UK.’

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