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Junckers were used for US company Slack’s new HQ

NO less than eight different solid wood floors from Junckers were used as part of the spectacular design for US company Slack’s new HQ. Installed as flooring and wall panelling, various timbers, colours and finishes were used to tell the interior story.

Taking inspiration from the company ceo’s passion for the outdoors, architects Studio O+A used the Pacific Crest Trail as the basis for their design.

All 10 floors convey a different terrain found on the trail, from desert landscapes to mountain peaks. For a design centred around nature itself, the architects specified Junckers’ wooden floors for their natural beauty and functionality.

Using real wood not only introduces a natural element to the interior, solid wood floors are a durable and sustainable choice for a busy office space.
A floor-by-floor guide to Slack HQ:

  • 1st floor – Basecamp featuring Junckers Nordic Oak Classic + Black Oak on walls and seating pods
  • 2nd floor – Rocky desert featuring Junckers Oak Harmony plank flooring
  • 4th floor – Mountains featuring Junckers Oak Harmony plank flooring
  • 5th floor – Mountain lakes featuring Junckers Nordic Oak Harmony + Oak Harmony Driftwood Grey plank flooring
  • 6th floor – Waterfalls & streams featuring Junckers Nordic Oak Harmony plank flooring
  • 7th floor – Forest featuring Junckers Oak Variation Wild Hazel two-strip flooring
  • 8th floor – Volcano crater featuring Junckers Black Oak Harmony plank flooring + Textured Black Oak Variation as wall panelling
  • 9th floor – Glacier featuring Junckers Nordic Oak + Nordic Oak Harmony White Plus plank flooring
  • 10th floor – Summit featuring Junckers Oak Harmony Golden Pearl plank flooring
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