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Newhey Carpets | Black-and-white remains a classic combination

THE Newhey designers say they’re looking to the future. For 2020, black-and-white remains a classic combination in minimalist and maximalist looks, adding definition and drama.

Says the company: ‘Pure black is evolving into a family of blackened darks including midnight blue, mulberry and bitter chocolate; perfect backdrops to pastels and brights. Beautiful matt blacks make contemporary foils for gold, brass and paler woods. ‘Scandi-noir’ blackened colours for floors and walls make a seductive play on texture and tone.’

For carpet, it’s a win-win aesthetically and practically, says Newhey. ‘Black is a key colour in our ‘Tribe’ and ‘Artefact’ development stories. We select the best wool which dyes to a wonderfully rich shade. Natural fibres are less reflective and combinations of velvet and twist yarns produce stunning effects.

‘Tinted whites will be used as accents, warm for a heritage feel; ice white for a pearl-like shimmer. White adds sharpness to earthy palettes of denim blues, khaki greens and sorbet colours from our Memphis revival story.

‘Black and white create strong compositions in Art Deco classics and houndstooth patterns. Our ‘Paint’ theme, inspired by handmade artworks also explores this contrast. Simple compositions of positive and negative space add real energy to the floor.’

Subtle to statement-making, black-and-white is a timeless palette with endless possibilities, concludes Newhey.

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