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Force majeure: ‘Draconian price increases smack of a cartel’

The flooring industry is uniting in its concerns over force majeure. Both flooring contractors and manufacturers have told CFJ they’re becoming increasingly concerned about the prevalence of force majeure in the aftermath of Covid-19. While global supply chains have been impacted hugely, not just by the pandemic and the resulting ...

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Global raw materials shortages continue to plague resin manufacturers

Global supply chain shortages for many key raw materials have been impacting ...

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Three lucky respondents to our 2021 CFJ readership survey will receive a ...

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The Flooring Show to take place in September 2021

The Flooring Show, the UK’s biggest national flooring event, will next take ...

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Installation of the month

Bank of Scotland revisits its roots

BASED in the heart of Glasgow, the Bank of Scotland’s flagship branch required a makeover that would add personality to the brand, while reflecting the bank’s proud Scottish roots. Specified by M Worldwide, an array of Forbo Flooring Systems solutions ...

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CITB to support Welsh construction in leading Britain’s recovery

SUPPORTING Welsh construction businesses while ensuring new recruits are welcomed into the industry are the key goals of the plan from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) for 2021/22.

Across Britain, £140m of the industry levy will be invested into construction in 2021/22, as funding for employers to train and in business support and services. This investment of 94p out of every pound of the levy that CITB receives – rising to 95p...

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Contractor profiles

Starling – A bird in the hand?

There was a reason Alin Cristescu, director of Fin Wood, a flooring contractor based in London’s Ludgate Hill, joined Starling Bank back in March 2020. Here’s his story…

ALIN Cristescu, director of Fin Wood, a flooring contractor based in London’s Ludgate Hill, joined Starling Bank back in March 2020 by opening a business account… in just 15 minutes. And, judging by what he told CFJ’s Adam Bernstein, the high street banks only...

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Point of view

The real world - are you ready?

SOMETIMES there’s a disconnect between what we’ve seen over the past 31 years of advising and resolving disputes for specialist contractors, and those lucky enough to have never had a disagreement or dispute experience.

I say ‘lucky’ because many flooring contractors will go through their working life without too much contractual hassle, and sometimes that is just a matter of luck. But, for many flooring contractors, and we act for quite a...

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Help and advice

Online defamation - a growing risk for businesses?

Before you act against someone who’s bad-mouthed your business, remember there’s a very fine line between statement of fact and statement of opinion, says Jennifer.

IF a business believes a negative online review has crossed the line and is defamatory, then it’s possible that the person who posted the statement could be forced to pay libel damages. This was recently seen in the headline story of a law firm’s previous client having to pay them...

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