30 years in the making

CFJ turns 30 this year. Its resilience in the age of the digital revolution speaks to the importance of our industry in a tumultuous world.

The Berlin Wall was torn down, rocking the foundations of the Soviet Union. No look back in time would be complete without a snapshot of where the UK was with the EU - and it'll come as no surprise that there was rancour even then. Read all about it in our digital page turner.

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IVC’s Studio Moods LVT concept has been chosen as a striking feature floor at John Lewis Partnership’s Ori Caffé, at the retailer’s busy Bluewater, Kent store.

Looking for a floor that stood out in the space, specifier Design Management Solutions...

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FeRFA’s 50th anniversary awards - LARGE INDUSTRIAL PROJECT OF THE YEAR

Sponsored by ACO Building Drainage This category was won by IRL Group and Remmers UK. The project was a New Aircraft Hangar for the RAF, known as…

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News Story

Trends from Domotex 2020

HARDLY any other subject is as deeply engrained in our consciousness as ‘health’. It affects all areas of life – as was also reportedly reflected at…

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RFA’s 50th anniversary awards - SMALL COMMERCIAL PROJECT OF THE YEAR

Sponsored by COBRA Insurance Brokers Winners of this category were Surtech & Altro for Nando’s at Addlestone. On this project the flooring…

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Editor's Blog

Covid-19: Floor finishers and clients can help each other at SupportFloorFinishers.nu

SupportFloorFinishers.nu aims to bridge the gap between professional floor finishers and companies, local authorities, schools and others who are in a position to refurbish their floors earlier than planned as many buildings stand closed and empty.

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Apprenticeship scheme ‘goes from strength- to-strength’

THE Carpet & Flooring apprenticeship scheme is reportedly going from strength-to-strength following the appointment of three of their four business administration apprentices into permanent roles at Redditch head office.

Elisha Warren accepted a position as warehouse operations administrator, Ben Bailey joined the commercial team as commercial, data & pricing administrator, and Melissa Gadsby joined the finance department as finance...

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Contractor Profiles

Confessions of a carpet fitter (1)

Our carpet-fitter says he doesn’t know how he got away with some of the work he did in the past. But he would’ve done it better if the company had made it possible.

ABOUT seven years ago now I was fitting for one of the big companies. No names, but their fitters get a lot of flak, some of it they deserve, but a lot is down to the way the company works and isn’t the fitters’ fault at all.

We used to be given a minimum of 120m a day including at ...

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Point of View


Sales and marketing are often tied together, yet they’re two completely different things.

II REGULARLY write about a wide range of contractual, commercial and marketing matters, which are based on my 30 years providing consultancy services for all types of specialist contractors, including flooring contractors.

What I don’t cover very often is sales. Sales and marketing are often tied together, yet they are two completely different things.


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Help and Advice

Make your marketing budget stretch

When it comes to investing your PR and marketing budget, it can be difficult to decide how best to approach the challenge, especially if you have limited funds at your disposal, says Matthew Long.

A BUDGET is only considered small in relation to the size of the company, so there can be some exceptions when it comes to prioritising tasks or investing money into a specific project.

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, once said: ‘If I was down to...

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CFA Comments

Spring: A time for renewal

With lambs and daffodils ubiquitous in this new season, Garry reckons it’s the perfect time to tackle the subject of renewal.

AT this time of year,...

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