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An easy to install alternative for BS 8203 complaint plywood

LION Floor is described as a high-grade engineered and sustainable alternative to BS 8203 compliant plywood that’s just as easy to install.

Made in Finland by Finnish Fibreboard using locally sourced and highly sustainable wood by-products, and with a construction that eliminates the core gaps and overlaps of plywood, LION Floor is a high-quality and reliable alternative to BS 8203 plywood, but it is also cost-effective and just as easy to install.

Because LION Floor is pre-conditioned and doesn’t need wetting before installation, it’s just as easy to install as plywood. In fact, as it can be cut cleanly and quickly with a knife or saw, it’s arguably even easier to achieve a high-quality flooring installation with LION Floor at your side. Fixed with screws or ring shank nails and suitable for screeds and feather compounds, there’s no longer a reason to choose BS 8203 compliant plywood.

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard says, ‘We’ve made LION Floor as the ultimate alternative to quality plywood and it really does deliver for installers looking to provide high-quality, uncompromised, and low risk flooring installations. More cost-effective and sustainable than BS compliant plywood and more reliable and sustainable than cheaper plywood that might not meet BS 8203 requirements, LION Floor is just as easy to install, so there are very few reasons not to choose it. We’d invite any installer to give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.’

LION Floor is the first hardboard panel to be designed and manufactured specifically for the flooring industry. It is also one of a very small number of fabricated underlays which can be used for LVT and other resilient floor coverings that meets British Standards and CFA guidance.

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