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Avoid Mistakes, Save Time, Get the Right Spec with INTRA’s Entrance Matting Specification Tool

Entrance Matting specifications are easy with INTRAsystems bespoke tool for architects and interior designers working on foyer, lobby and concourse projects.

Find the Right Product

With a myriad of Entrance Matting products, finishes, insert options and accessories, there’s a lot of room for error in specifications. But we’ve designed an online spec-building tool to help you produce accurate, simple specifications – any time.

When looking for the right products for projects, specifiers need to be able to zero-in on the options that best fit each particular situation, from a design, technical and risk point of view.

Entrance Matting Specification: Step by Step

  1. Use the Product Finder filters to select the best product for your project’s criteria
  2. Click the ‘Start Spec’ button
  3. Select your options – finish, inserts, features and accessories
  4. Click ‘Show Summary’ to view an image of your final selection
  5. Complete your details to download a customised specification PDF
  6. Share with your supply chain and/or use to ensure correct NBS Chorus field selection.

Based on feedback and from the most common specification challenges, this simplifies the process and choices. The tool guides you through the process, providing the most relevant options based on your references. Helping you avoid the common pitfalls and frustrations of ‘impractical impossible’ product combinations!

“Architects can now easily self-serve from our product range, quickly shortlisting from INTRA’s diverse product range. Writing and sharing specs used to be challenging but we’ve made the whole process clear and precise. You can now share and co-ordinate high quality documentation about Entrance Matting specs at speed and with ease.”

Bryony Light, Marketing Manager

Short on time? Step this way…

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to talk through technicalities with our team, but the tool means you get the specification you need, when you need it. Build a spec, view an image, order a sample and download a PDF. You can then lift out the info you need for your supply chain and import directly into NBS Chorus.

We’ve even created a nifty little button for each product page, which adds the product to your linked NBS account. Once you’ve built up your favourite products, NBS Chorus saves all the information for you in your NBS projects.

Talk to us about your next project 💬

We’re always happy to talk you through things. If you have more technical challenges, questions or want advice on the best product for your requirements, start a Live Chat or drop us a line.

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