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Kerakoll’s Slc Eco Aqua-Pur HPX

BRING hardwood floors to life and keep them beautiful and maintenance-free with the use of Kerakoll’s Slc Eco Aqua-Pur HPX, says the company.

‘This two-component water-based varnish enhances the beauty of natural wood. The non-toxic polymer bonds with the wood guaranteeing perfect adhesion and develops a protective surface layer that is extremely resistant to scratching and high levels of wear-and-tear.

‘The strong, elastic resins give excellent transparency and follow the micro movements of the wood fibre to provide long lasting protection. There are four different finishes, so you can achieve the desired level of shine.’

Kerakoll concludes: ‘You can use Slc Eco Aqua-Pur HPX safe in the knowledge that it has been developed to be kind to the applicator and the environment with low solvent and VOC emissions certified GEV-Emicode EC1.’  
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