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A new start for Proflow: Kerakoll’s smoothing compound range

TILEMASTER Adhesives is known in the flooring industry for its smoothing compounds, and Proflow is reportedly one of the company’s most popular products. Kerakoll has built on this heritage with the introduction of the Proflow range of smoothing compounds.

With the new range Kerakoll has taken the best of the Tilemaster collection, and redeveloped it to be ‘more environmentally friendly with the addition of the GreenBuilding rating and the fact the VOC emissions of all products are as low as technically feasible without compromising performance. The range is being launched in two phases’.

The company continues: ‘The first phase sees a new improved version LevelFlex+ FINISH, renamed Proflow Finish, a new moisture vapour suppressant product, Proflow MVS, and Proflow Rapid, an ultra-rapid setting double component compound. Two more products will follow in July.

‘Proflow Finish is the flooring contractor’s dream product: a true all-rounder, moisture tolerant and suitable for use in any installation, on any substrate and with any type of resilient flooring at depths of up to 60mm. It is a single component self-smoothing compound with a free flowing formulation, a 30 minute wet edge time, and is able to accept foot traffic and floorcoverings after 3.5 hours. It has an EC1-Plus GEV Emicode rating.’

Adds the company: ‘Proflow MVS’ revolutionary formula has a built in moisture vapour suppressant barrier that is effective up to 95% RH, removing the need for a DPM, and thus condensing a potential three product applications into one single application. The double component product is free-flowing with excellent self-smoothing properties giving a flawless surface finish. It’s a rapid-setting product allowing foot traffic in 90 minutes and the installation of resilient flooring in four hours, but still offers a wet edge time of 30 minutes.’

Concludes the company: ‘Proflow Rapid is the new incarnation of Super Flow 30, a moisture tolerant smoothing compound that can be used below a DPM and is perfect for fast track installations where time really is at a premium. It allows foot traffic after 30 minutes, and the installation of resilient floorcoverings after 60 minutes.’

More information is available on the landing page You can also contact your local sales representative, or the customer service team to arrange a trial or answer questions that you may have, using the contact details below.
01772 456831

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