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The Goof Proof Wall Trimmer is ‘a must-have efficiency tool’

MORE time plus tools that make our work more efficient is something floor installers are always in need of. The right tool can maximise you and your crew’s production output, conserve your man (or woman) power and even reduce your overhead, which means extra cushion on your bottom line.

When it comes to trimming soft sheet goods, cove base toe, direct glue-down and inflexible carpets flush with the wall, consider the Goof Proof Wall Trimmer by ProKnee Corporation for one of your must-have efficiency tools, says ProKnee. ‘Even the greenest installer will go from beginner to professional cuts in under 60 seconds.

‘Adjusting the blade for trim ready application is easy in three simple steps. To make longer cuts, simply reposition the heel adjustor up. Conversely, to make shorter cuts, reposition the heel adjustor down. To cut carpet and toe of cove base at the same time, extend the blade an extra 1/8in out and reposition the heel adjustor up until the Goof Proof Wall Trimmer base lays flat on the surface. A pro tip to allow trimmer to slide easier as cut is being made is to run a damp rag in front of the trimmer while cutting soft sheet goods.’

ProKnee Corp reintroduced the Goof Proof Wall Trimmer with some shiny new patent pending features such as super strong moulded plastic frame components, threaded steel inserts & hardware and an automatic blade adjustment stop. Additionally, this versatile little tool uses standard slotted blades and was ergonomically designed to be used with the right or left hand.
See it in action, along with other great efficiency worthy tools on the website at or on YouTube @Mr. ProKnee.

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