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Kerakoll unveils innovative gel technology range: Levelling compounds, adhesives, and grouts

KERAKOLL says its streamlined range of levelling compounds, adhesives and grouts may seem small compared to many of their competitors, but the simplification is a result of the R&D team going back to the drawing board to reinvent the way its products are formulated.

One technology for which the company says it’s well-known is its Gel-Technology that is now used in its H40 tiling adhesives and in one of the of self-levelling compounds in its new range which were launched in April.

Says the company: ‘Levelflex Gel uses Kerakoll’s gel technology for a multipurpose, easy to apply compound that can be used on many different substrates including flooring grade plywood, and even metal, producing outstanding results every time.

‘Its variable rheology allows you to adapt it to the specific requirements of your project, giving you exceptional control whether you need a free flowing self-smoothing layer, or a more robust self-levelling application that can be trowelled to greater depths.’

The company continues: ‘The surface finish is flawless, avoiding the need for remedial work before tiling. Levelflex Gel is rapid-setting, capable of receiving foot traffic or tiles after 90 mins, but still has a prolonged working time of 30 mins, giving you the best of both worlds.

‘In the H40 range, the same technology was used to develop three powder-form adhesives, H40 Gel, Advanced and Ultimate, that can be used on multiple substrates and with any type of ceramic or stone tile whether internally or outside.’

It adds: ‘All three adhesives are easy to spread and hold their shape, supporting the weight of large tiles and stopping vertical slip on walls, making work onsite simple. The rapid setting adhesives are non-hazardous to the environment and human health, as the formulation does not include Portland cement and is non-irritating to the skin.

‘The way that the mix flows means it fully wets the back of the tile, filling voids, and ensuring a full structural bond, while the fact that it does not dry out means that it does not thicken or allow a film to form.’

H40 Extreme, the final product in the range is a hybrid gel-adhesive, says Kerakoll. ‘It combines extreme fluidity – it is five times less viscous than a traditional polyurethane adhesive – with extreme flexibility, as it is 10 times more deformable than generic S2 adhesives. It can cope with the most extreme onsite conditions making it the obvious choice for sites with uncommon and/or difficult substrates that cause problems for other adhesives.

Get in touch with the Kerakoll commercial team to arrange for a product trial or for more information.
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