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LION Floor: Affordable, durable flooring preparation for high-quality resilient floors in schools and colleges

THE affordability, quality and reliability of LION Floor makes it the perfect preparation for resilient floors in schools and colleges, says the company.

‘The durability and easy maintenance of resilient floors make them popular in schools and colleges, but these floors do require careful attention of the subfloor to bring out their best. With LION Floor, contractors can ensure that the subfloor is ready for a high-quality resilient flooring installation that will deliver education environments a lasting floor finish that delivers excellent long-term value.

‘The engineered fibreboard is specially designed for the installation of resilient floors, delivering a substrate that provides a smooth and flat surface.

‘Made in Finland from locally sourced wood by-products, LION Floor is an alternative to BS 8203 compliant plywood. Its construction and density mean it’s highly durable and impact-resistant and so ideal for education environments. As well as a range of standard sizes, LION Floor is available in large sheets for bigger areas (up to 10 feet by 10 feet).’

The company continues: ‘Reliability is a key advantage of using LION Floor. The fibreboard construction eliminates the problems that come with the core gaps and overlaps found in plywood and unlike other oil-tempered hardboards, it doesn’t need wetting before installation. The flat, strong panel is ready to receive screeds and feather compounds, and fitting is simple too, as it is laid in the same way as plywood and can be cut with a knife or saw.’

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard (UK), says: ‘Reliability is key to the long-term success of an installation and so with LION Floor eliminating the potential pitfalls of using plywood, it makes a sensible choice for education projects, where a lasting floor that delivers excellent long-term value is a priority.

‘What’s more, it’s also affordable and no more expensive than BS compliant plywood, making it a genuine alternative in education and other contract installations. It also comes with a lower carbon footprint, so it’s a more sustainable choice too.’

The company adds: ‘Made from by-product of the wood processing industry, LION Floor has been proven to have an environmental impact considerably lower than other European made particleboard or plywood. The LION Boards range is available with a third-party verified EPD. The EPD looks at the cradle to gate lifecycle of LION Boards and provides calculations across material composition, manufacturing and packaging. It is verified by EPD Hub, which internally reviews manufacturer data before publication.’

For material composition, LION Boards reportedly record a 98.4% secondary material input (wood industry by-product) and a 0% secondary material output, meaning no material is wasted in the production of boards.

For every cubic metre of LION Boards produced (weighing 980kg), the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of LION Floor’s lifecycle is -1,771kgCO2, significantly less than European made particleboard at -618kgCO2 or European made plywood at -888kgC02. (These are average carbon footprints based on values from multiple manufacturers. Reported figures exclude transport and installation, product use and maintenance and product end-of-life).

The affordable fabricated underlay has also been rigorously tested to make sure it lives up to its promises as a reliable solution to resilient flooring installation. It’s also one of a very small number of fabricated underlays which can be used for LVT and other resilient floorcoverings that meets British Standards and CFA guidance.

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