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Mapei extend its range to offer new solutions

As stone, ceramic and porcelain finishes become increasingly popular indoors and outdoors, Mapei has extended its range to offer new solutions for challenging settings. Complementary products include Mapeguard UM 35 – a waterproofing, uncoupling and anti-fracture membrane that’s said by the company to deliver successful results on cracked, damp and imperfectly cured substrates.

Says Mapei: ‘Mapeguard UM 35 is applied between two applications of Mapei adhesive, in order to accommodate any potential stresses and improve the bond strength of the adhesive applied on either side. Acting as an uncoupling element, this prevents the transmission of substrate cracks.

‘On balconies, terraces, and other outdoor settings, it also protects the substrate from water infiltration while allowing moisture from below to evaporate throughout air channels. Other benefits include exceptional mechanical strength – making Mapeguard UM 35 ideal for floors subjected to heavy loads – and even heat distribution for application with underfloor heating systems.’

The company continues: ‘During installation, the membrane’s dimpled surface prevents air being trapped and ensures complete coverage between the tile and membrane. Its semi-transparent backing also makes application much easier, as the distribution of adhesive underneath can be checked; elements passing through the surface, like drains, can also be quickly located, making cutting of the membrane easier.

‘When bonding stone, ceramic, porcelain tiles and mosaics to problematic floors where build up height is of a premium, Mapeguard WP 200 – an alkali-resistant waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane – provides further peace of mind to the installer. Made of soft polyethylene, the membrane is ideal for wet and damp areas, and moisture-sensitive substrates. It can also be used in conjunction with LVTs and for wall applications.’

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