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Milliken’s new collection ‘hits the right note’

MAJOR Frequency is described by Milliken as a striking new carpet plank collection designed in-house and made in the UK.

Says the company: ‘The design inspiration comes from soundwaves and the study of sound. Through two arresting patterns – Distortion and Vibration – and six sophisticated colour options, Major Frequency explores the relationship between sensory sound and physical movement interpreted into two patterns that create harmony within a space.

‘It’s a particularly relevant collection developed to meet the unprecedented challenges of the current economic environment by offering a solution to the budget constraints faced by many clients at this time, while still providing high-end and differentiated styling.’

Major Frequency is made up of two connecting designs: ‘Vibration’ and ‘Distortion’ which can be used on their own or combined to create transitions.

Says Milliken: ‘Vibration is stippled and robust, harnessing a finer, more saturated vitality. It is an organic linear textured design, that creates subtle movements across the floor. Distortion expresses a slightly larger yet more diluted flow within positive and negative space. It amplifies texture to bring an additional sensory element to the floorplane. Both seem to create graphical energy as pattern subtly cascades across the floor.’

The company continues: ‘Manufactured in the UK using tufted loop construction techniques amplifies the texture to bring an additional sensory element to a space. The colour palette is effortlessly usable with a subtle range of greys: on-trend and stylish. Major Frequency is suitable for a wide range of interiors from offices to schools and hotel rooms with its user-friendly warm and cool neutral palette.’

Adds the company: ‘Walkways can be created, and different aesthetic effects achieved by laying the tiles in a herringbone pattern. Major Frequency can also be combined with other Milliken collections to stunning effect for zoning and inset rug effects.’

Major Frequency comes with Comfort Lite backing made of 90% recycled content which reportedly dramatically reduces noise levels.

‘Milliken cushion-backed carpet tiles absorb 50% more noise than hardback carpet, which in turn absorb three times as much noise as hard surface flooring.’

An online visualiser is available on the Milliken Floors website to enable customers and designers to interact with the product and try out endless layouts. There are 40 pre-selected rooms to choose from or the client’s own scheme can be uploaded for an accurate representation of Major Frequency in situ.

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