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‘Make more of walls with BerryAlloc’

BERRYALLOC’s high-pressure Wall&Water waterproof decorative wall panels are now available in the UK through IDS.

Says the company: ‘Available in a contemporary range of designs and different tile sizes, the collection brings a versatile, durable, and easy way to renew bathroom interiors. With fast installation and easy maintenance, the panels can withstand humid and moist environments, making them perfectly suited for bathroom and wet-room use.’

With authentic designs such as white marble, natural slate, black velvet, concrete, cement, and Santorini marble, Wall&Water is ‘a great way to bring a luxury spa look without the cost of expensive original materials. In satin, brushed or glossy finish, each look is a faithful alternative that brings instant satisfaction’.

The company continues: ‘With glue or Interlock, Wall&Water is the only system in the world offering you a quick and easy solution to the look of a tiled wall without the need for grouting. The panels can be glued directly onto a solid wall, or by using the unique Interlock system onto a wooden frame. Either way, the result is a smooth wall with no visible joints.’

Scott Arundell, regional sales director UK & Ireland, says: ‘We’re delighted to partner with IDS to provide easy and fast access to our Wall&Water decorative wall panels. The range is a clever solution to creating a modern high-luxury look not just in bathrooms, but anywhere that might benefit from a decorative wall finish that’s waterproof, UV-resistant and easy to maintain.’

The company concludes: ‘As a complete system, Wall&Water is supported by a full range of accessories including internal and external corner profiles, transition profiles to other walls, sealant, glue, and screws designed to ensure the panels maintain their waterproof integrity. Using a HPL and plywood construction, Wall&Water is suitable for wet-room use.’

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