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The LION Floor way to trouble-free subfloors

LION Floor is reportedly the cost-effective alternative to good quality flooring grade plywood and the ‘reliable way’ to a trouble-free installation.

Says the company: ‘By eliminating the core gaps, veneer overlaps, and delamination issues that can be found in even the best quality plywood, LION Floor is the engineered fibreboard subfloor that can be relied on for the trouble-free installation of LVT and other resilient flooring.’

Available in a range of sheet sizes for domestic and commercial work, LION Floor is preconditioned (moisture content 8-10%) so there’s no need to wet and it can be cleanly cut with just a knife, cutting down on mess and noise.

The company continues: ‘Suitable for fixing with nails and screws, this is a versatile, reliable, and easy to work with engineered board that’s a better alternative to flooring grade plywood.’
Peter Jones of Finnish Fibreboard says: ‘LION Floor eliminates the problems that can be found in flooring grade plywood, so you can always be confident it’ll deliver a lasting and reliable subfloor.

We’ve developed the manufacturing process over 80 years and have refined the product so that it not only delivers as a cost-effective alternative to plywood, but one that’s also easy to work with, more reliable and more sustainable.’

Finnish Fibreboard says it manufactures LION Floor from wood by-products sourced locally and from legally managed, sustainable forests. ‘The raw material for LION Floor comes almost completely from Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified forests, so its origin and journey can be traced all the way from forest to finished product.’

The company adds: ‘LION Floor is the first hardboard panel to be designed and manufactured for the flooring industry. It’s also one of a very small number of fabricated underlays which can be used for LVT and other resilient floorcoverings that meets British Standards and CFA guidance. The trouble-free LION Floor is available by contacting to find your nearest stockist.’
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