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Easylay Systems is the exclusive UK supplier of the range of subfloor systems from Estillon

EASYLAY Systems says it’s the exclusive supplier in the UK of the range of subfloor systems available from its sister company Estillon, based in Holland. Estillon is now part of Interfloor, a UK supplier of underlay, which means Easylay Systems are now also able to supply the range of Tredaire & Duralay underlays, grippers, profiles, and accessories direct from Interfloor throughout the UK.

Says the company: ‘Having these two connections enables us to now have an extensive range of underlay and subfloor preparation systems for every need. We can provide solutions for all installations including acoustical issues, time restraints and installation complications, while also offering competitive pricing etc.

‘Following Brexit, we’re also successfully trading with Europe. Therefore, for us it is not all doom and gloom, we are able to supply a large variety of underlays and accessories suitable for every need. Among the most popular products in our range is the Floorfixx and the Egalsoft. Both products have successfully been used in many commercial and residential projects. For example, in February 2019 office interiors specialist Kinetic Workplace began planning the redesign of a large office area at 20 Fenchurch Street, London. Known in the area as ‘The Walkie-Talkie’.’

Owing to noise issues coming from a busy office breakout café on one of the top levels of the building, Kinetic Workplace was instructed to find a solution to the acoustic problems. After research from an independent acoustic consultant, Kinetic Workplace specified a combination of products to solve the problem, engaging iFlor Flooring Contractors for assistance in the installation of the flooring.

Continues the company: ‘The solution put forward was firstly ‘GenieMat RST05’, a recycled rubber base soundproofing floor system to be laid directly onto the raised floor tiles. For the next stage Kinetic Workplace via iFlor approached us for information on our Floorfixx range of subfloor preparation systems.’

Floorfixx is, the company says, a range of floating board systems that combine speed and ease-of-use with excellent smoothing capacity and the ability to overcome any time-consuming difficulties associated with traditional surface preparation methods. These systems ‘provide some of the easiest, fastest, and eco-friendly methods to reduce acoustical issues’.

Floorfixx reportedly requires no screeds, glues, nails, or other fixings and is suitable for use on solid and timber floor constructions. ‘It requires no drying or setting time as with screeding systems, no priming, no mixing, no rubbing down and has no smell. It’s not necessary to remove old floorcoverings or surface coatings, which can be overlaid. This means future removal of floorcovering and underlay is quick, clean, and easy, with no residues or damage whatsoever to the old floor surface, or previous floor finish.’

Kinetic Workplace and iFlor chose Easylay’s Floorfixx ‘Smart’ system, which was installed in an area of 310sq m, fitted over the GenieMat.

The company says the ‘Smart’ system is installed using a self-adhesive overlap joint method, floating, fast, and easy to install. ‘The boards are comprised of two layers of 3mm MDF, pre-bonded together with XPS foam on the underside. Floorfixx smart has a 1.33 tog rating and provides impact sound reduction of 20db, perfect for this job specification.’

Vince Taylor, managing director of Kinetic Workplace and Adam Couch of iFlor Commercial Flooring were reportedly pleased with the results, not to mention the client and its neighbours.

To realise the high level of acoustic comfort, Estillon has several underlays with the Quiet Room Label Certificate. This way, says the company, you’re guaranteed a ‘quiet’ hotel floor.
The certificate was introduced by the Sound Insulation Knowledge Centre (Kenniscentrum Geluidsisolatie – KGI) in 2015 and is said to be the first-and-only objective quality certificate for hotels in terms of soundproofing.

With the certificate, hotels can reportedly generate added value for their guests; The guests are then guaranteed a stay in a quiet room, and with this certificate, flooring contractors are said to be a step ahead. The KGI can advise on new products from various suppliers during renovation or construction work, so a high level of acoustic comfort can be attained.
One of those suppliers is Estillon, which says it already has a proven track record in the field of acoustic and contact noise reduction.

Egalsoft FR and Floorfixx Regular are two products that are ‘quiet room’ certified.
Says the company: ‘Egalsoft has a unique self-adhesive underlay; when it’s removed it doesn’t damage the subfloor. The top layer is a PES non-woven, on an impregnated needlefelt, providing a stable base for full-bond adhesive application. The smoothing bottom layer has a semipermanent adhesive for single or double-stick installation.’

The company says Egalsoft is suitable for domestic and commercial installations. ‘It has very good smoothing properties, achieves an impact sound reduction of up to 27dB and has a thermal resistance of 2.2 togs. It’s available in standard (Efl) 6.5mm and a FR version (FR Euro class Bfl-S1) 6mm.’

Richard Markall, managing director for LGM in Kidderminster, recently approached Easylay for a double-stick underlay that had a BFL-S1 rating, for the refurbishment of the ‘The Four Seasons 5* Hotel’ (formally San Domenico Palace Hotel) in Italy.

‘We supplied 1,600sq m of Egalsoft FR that was suitable for this specification. We arranged for a member of our technical demonstration team to go to their offices, explain the product in more detail and demonstrate the most efficient way to install. This is a service we offer to all customers, and should you require additional help or advice we’re here every step of the way.’

The company says Richard was ‘over the moon’ with Egalsoft FR and plans to purchase much more for future projects. David Bamford of Bamford Hand Woven Carpets in Powys which regularly supplies specialist carpets and rugs, has also reportedly purchased many rolls of Egalsoft FR. Egalsoft has been used in a very historic building in The Royal Borough of Windsor and many other historic and public buildings in the UK.

‘Avis Contracts in Essex contacted us for advice on the E1/E2 Wood Wharf, London project. These buildings consist of two high-rise residential towers, part of Canary Wharf’s significant investment in developing Wood Wharf. The floor needed raising and as this was a large apartment block, ensuring that the flooring products used would also fit into the building was paramount. 2,600sq m of our Floorfixx Regular was supplied over the course of the project.’

For more case studies, visit Concludes Easylay: ‘Our products have been used on many high-profile projects including film sets, heritage protected properties and much more.’

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