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Are you meeting your customers’ demands for an eco-friendly experience?

WE all hear the carbon-free pledges across every industry and market daily, but how has this effected the consumer buying decision. When it comes to the home, design and practicality are the two driving forces for decisionmakers – until now.

This year Statista released Industry stats and 45% of the UK population now actively seek products that are considered environmentally friendly. The great news for retailers is the eco market can increase revenue. The results from retail focus are in and 65% of customers would be willing to spend up to 20% more on eco-friendly products.

It’s not just Generation Z and Millennials holding companies to account – 69% of 18-44-year-olds – would be willing to spend more on eco-friendly products and it’s a whopping 50% of those aged 45 and over. So how are you offering the extra feel-good factor within your instore experience?
FSC-certified wood frames may be the new normal in the future, fabric manufacturing techniques will develop – we may even resort to collecting naturally shed feathers, but for now, this remains in the majority, out of the retailers’ hands.

Says the company: ‘One solution to showcase an ethical, environment experience is the new Eco Fabric Protector that’s been launched by Staingard. Instore promotion has been carefully designed so eco-branded swing tickets adorn carpets and upholstery. Staingard has built up a strong reputation renowned for quality of performance, product ranges and customer care with many years of research anticipating customers’ needs and finding the solution.

‘Taking the best of traditional compounds and combining with a new cleaner technological process, Staingard have stepped away from Fluorocarbons and created a non-toxic to the environment process, based on polysiloxane chemistry. With its bio-eliminating properties no harmful products seeps back into our rivers and landscapes. When it comes to fabric or carpet protection oil and water are the foundations of permanent damage, Staingard eco has been laboratory tested and provides the shielding that enables total peace-of-mind for our customers.’

Paul Aiston, Staingard’s managing director explains: ‘The protection of household items such as carpets and furniture combined with the need to protect our precious environment has led to the Staingard’s latest innovation, for me, it’s vital our business is ensuring a healthy environment for our grandchildren and the generations to come.

‘We worked tirelessly testing alternative products until we formulated the same high-performance protection we’re known for, while utilising an environmentally friendly production process and end-user formula. Our retailers and their customers expect the best and that involves quality products and ethical solutions to make our lives easier and protect our environment for a brighter future.’

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