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Diamond Gripper ‘still shining bright’

FLOORWISE Diamond Gripper reportedly continues to offer installers the grip for fuss-free and fantastic floors.

Since its launch, floorwise Diamond Gripper is said to have become the first-choice in high quality gripper for flooring professionals. And with the continued rise in demand for deep pile luxury carpet and thick PU underlay the need for a gripper that holds tight and fast is still proving worth the investment.

Says the company: ‘While many fitters are still relying on the false economy of basic gripper for their installations, savvy installers recognise fantastic floors start with floorwise and the legendary floorwise Diamond Gripper allows them to do the job in a single, fuss-free pass.’

It continues: ‘Diamond Gripper’s extra performance comes from 20% more pins than basic gripper and with more nails for extra stability, it’s a combination that doesn’t like to let go easily. The Diamond long pin option has the hold for even the deepest saxony pile and the resulting grip is so good Diamond Gripper takes power-stretched installs in its stride.’

Diamond Gripper is available in medium- and long- pin for wood or concrete floors, and a dual-purpose version. ‘Using a high-quality 25mm-wide plywood construction, the gripper is available from floorwise stockists across the UK and Ireland.’

‘Diamond Gripper really is a fitter’s favourite and for good reason,’ says Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise. ‘Like all floorwise products it’s great value and can be relied on to deliver on its promise time and time again. With the popularity of deep pile carpets and super-thick underlays, the extra grip it provides is well worth paying just a little more for.’
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