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Tilemaster LevelFlex+ FINISH has been developed to make an installer’s life easier

Tilemaster LevelFlex+ FINISH has been developed to make an installer’s life easier, not only in the application of the smoothing compound, but also when it comes to installing the surface floorcovering over the top, and the work required to get the surface suitable for a direct installation. Launched in 2021, Tilemaster LevelFlex+ FINISH was developed with the aim of providing a superb surface finish, and being ready to install flooring directly without additional preparation. The finished product reportedly uses several new technologies to improve its performance which are explained below.

Aggregate suspension technology
LevelFlex+ FINISH is formulated to ensure all components are suspended within the mixed product, causing no separation, no weak surfaces, and no inconsistent product.

Advanced cement binder technology
This technology reportedly allows the setting times of the product to be tuned perfectly, ‘ensuring a consistent result is achieved time-after-time, to enable resilient floorcoverings to be installed after four hours’.

Preventative air entraining technology
Preventative air entraining technology works to remove the amount of entrained air within the product, forcing the air out during and after mixing, ‘meaning a better surface finish is achieved, and less time is spent spike rolling the product once applied’.

Stable expansion formulation
LevelFlex+ FINISH has been formulated to provide stable expansion. This reportedly enables the product to remain stable when in contact with moisture, so is suitable for pre-smoothing a surface before the installation of an epoxy DPM such as Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM.

Moisture retention
LevelFlex+ FINISH retains the moisture within the mixed product while it’s applied, enabling far longer working times and wet edges for the installer. LevelFlex+ FINISH will reportedly typically give an installer up to a 30-35 minute wet edge time.

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