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LKAB Minerals has announced the launch of Gypsol Complete

LKAB Minerals has announced the launch of Gypsol Complete, a pre-blended composite binder, reportedly providing a ‘ready-for-use’ solution.

Gypsol Complete is an anhydrite-based floor screed binder, which when combined with sand and water provides what’s described as a free-flowing, self-compacting and self-smoothing floor screed. Gypsol Complete, manufactured by LKAB Minerals, reportedly drives a step-change in anhydrite flowing screeds, allowing for the replacement of existing binder systems.

Says the company: ‘It helps reduce transport and packaging by eliminating the need for special additives. Use of Gypsol Complete will increase the speed of screed production onsite and ensure potential site errors during the manufacturing process are negated.’

Gypsol Complete is designed for use in all 11 Gypsol screed formats reportedly adding choice and flexibility and making it what the company describes as a versatile solution for all applications, from thin screed requirements of 15mm, to placement over underfloor heating and providing aesthetically pleasing finished flooring solutions. It’s also available in the ‘revolutionary Gypsol Rapide format, which offers drying times of 14 days from installation’.

Continues the company: ‘Gypsol Complete is a direct replacement for existing cementitious screed binders requiring no special additives. Owing to its properties, binder contents for most formats can be reduced, providing cost savings while also improving the quality and consistency of the screed. Sanding to remove laitance is of no benefit to the overall performance of the screed making it a versatile choice, but as with all screeds, mechanical abrasion may be required ahead of final floorcoverings.’

‘This is a pivotal moment for the Gypsol brand and LKAB Minerals,’ says Steve Handscomb, commercial director for GGBS & Gypsol.

‘The launch of our Gypsol Complete binder will provide additional speed and flexibility to our customers, while still benefiting from the many existing advantages Gypsol offers.’

The Gypsol range of products is manufactured from an industry by-product, reportedly with a very low embodied CO2, of 26.2kg per tonne of material, about 94% less than traditional cementitious screeds, according to the company.

‘Additionally, Gypsol screed has a high thermal conductivity of 2.5 watts per m2K which enables underfloor heating to achieve temperature much more quickly, achieving savings in energy and cost. Owing to the ease of production and installation, manual handling and additional health and safety impacts are reduced, making them an ideal choice for all projects.’

The company concludes: ‘LKAB Minerals provides ongoing customer service to the screed industry, through the development of customised and pre-available training packages for contractors and installers, as well as ongoing technical support to customers in the development and installation of Gypsol products. Their range of Gypsol products are continuously evolving, with the company continuing to invest in the R&D and improvement of new and existing products.’

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