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HempWood® Organic flooring is a new, innovative and sustainable alternative to wooden flooring.

With climate concerns at an all-time high, we are pioneering the way to healthy building materials that are good for the environment and its users. HempWood® flooring is not only sustainable, but even carries a carbon negative footprint. The flooring is durable, natural and can be used in commercial or residential properties.

Where is the Hemp from?
The hemp is organically grown and sourced locally to our factories in Murray, Kentucky, USA. The extremely fast growth rate of the hemp plant means that it can go from seed to floor within just 150 days! Hemp is very versatile and hardy, meaning that it grows easily with very little intervention from the farmer.

When you compare this to the decades that hardwood trees can take to reach maturity, and the devastation that is caused by deforestation, hemp is a sensational alternative. The hemp is easily farmed, like any other crop grown in a farmers field, then the ground is quickly prepared for re-seeding, and this cycle continues without the need for any harmful chemicals, pesticides or adverse effects to the environment. Using hemp to make flooring is a great choice as it is natural, sustainable and helps to promote the end of deforestation.

Hemp is often confused with the marijuana or cannabis plant, however they are actually very different. The hemp used in our flooring contains only a fraction of the amount THC, (the psychoactive compound) found in marijuana plants. THC found in our hemp plants is such a low concentration that you don’t need to worry about getting high!

How is it made?
The process of creating HempWood® flooring starts in the field. All hemp is sourced within 100 miles of the factory from local farmers. After the hemp is collected, a plant-based adhesive is used to bind together full-length fibre hemp stalks. We have developed and created this unique plant based adhesive which contains no added formaldehyde. This makes HempWood® one of the healthiest flooring options around.

After the hemp stalks and plant-based adhesive are combined, the material is compressed and baked to form HempWood® blocks. From the Blocks, 4mm HempWood® veneers are cut and used for the top layer of the engineered flooring.

For the base layer of the flooring, a 5-layer PureBond Plywood is used. PureBond plywood is FSC Certified and ethically sourced from West Virginia. By using PureBond Plywood, we are able to maintain our eco-friendly mission.

After adhering the HempWood® veneer to the PureBond plywood, a tongue and groove profile is cut into the flooring. The planks of flooring are then sanded, finished with Bona Traffic HD, and surveyed for any blemishes. Our quality control team hand-checks each board and ensures that our flooring upholds our standards of hardness, durability, and beauty.

What does it look like?
HempWood® is a beautifully elegant range of flooring. It looks like planks of flooring with a woven grain pattern. As the hemp has been compressed together, the grain pattern is that of the woven hemp. The planks are of a random length ranging up to 1830mm, and with a width of 127mm. All of the planks have a tongue and groove fitting system so can be installed easily, like any other T&G wooden flooring. The flooring is an engineered format
with a plywood base and a 4mm wear layer of HempWood® on the surface.

The surface of the planks of flooring have been carefully pre-finished with layers of Bona Traffic HD, which give a natural, hardwearing finish, perfect for high traffic areas.

Currently there are four colours to choose from:

  • Natural – golden brown tones of the natural hemp
  • Ice – a pale light white colour
  • Granite – a rich dark brown
  • Taupe – tones of brown and grey throughout

The natural colour is just as you imagine, the natural light brown colour of the hemp plant. The other three colours have been created by adding a colour stain to the surface of the planks of flooring before the protective Bona topcoat layers are added.

How is it carbon negative?
To be carbon negative, it means that in order to produce the HempWood® flooring, more carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere than is emitted. This signifies that HempWood® has a negative amount of carbon emissions, and in turn, positively impacts the climate.

Hemp is an extremely powerful plant. Not only does it grow at an astonishingly fast rate, it also removes significant levels of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For every ton of hemp grown, 1.62 tons of carbon dioxide is removed.

As a company, HempWood® aims to have zero waste when creating our HempWood® flooring. This means that we repurpose any of the unsuitable material by using it to fuel our facility with heat energy. Our HempWood® HQ in Kentucky also has hydropower, which significantly lessens the dependence on using fossil fuels. HempWood® is very proud of having a carbon negative flooring product, and is dedicated to a more sustainable future.

Where can I use the HempWood® Flooring?
HempWood® flooring is durable, versatile and reliable. It is harder than Oak flooring and can be used in most rooms in your home, and also in commercial venues.

In a residential setting you can used HempWood® flooring in almost any room, with the exception of areas with excessive water or moisture.

We would not recommend that you install the flooring in any bathrooms or wet rooms. However, it is perfect for other rooms in your home such as kitchens, living spaces, dining areas, hallways, bedrooms and home offices. The engineered structure of the planks of flooring are compatible with all types of underfloor heating systems and allow HempWood® to be installed in areas with fluctuating temperatures and humidity (for example, conservatories or rooms with large amounts of glazing). Furthermore, as it is so durable, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time, even in the busiest of areas.

Again, with commercial venues, just avoid any wet areas. The durability of the planks of flooring can withstand heavy footfall associated with busy retail outlets, office blocks, hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and many more commercial areas. For any new developments or refurbishments that pride themselves on being eco-friendly and having a low carbon footprint, HempWood® is a great choice to align with these ethics.

Why should I choose HempWood® flooring?
Here are just a few reasons to choose HempWood® flooring:

  • It looks beautiful and you can rest assured that you are getting a unique and characteristic floor covering that it also helping the environment.
  • HempWood® flooring is carbon negative – producing the floor removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits.
  • The flooring is harder than Oak, and with the Bona Traffic HD added to
    the surface, you are getting even more protection from daily wear and tear, even in the busiest of areas.
  • As HempWood® flooring is so durable, it can be used in your home, but also in commercial properties and venues as it can withstand heavy footfall.
  • There are four distinctive colours to choose from; Natural, Granite, Ice
    and Taupe. All will add sophistication and style to your property.
  • The hemp plants are sustainably grown and sourced locally. As the hemp grows so quickly, the farmer can benefit from multiple crops (one crop in some climatic areas) per year, and you benefit from an eco-friendly floor.
  • All planks of flooring are manufactured with a tongue and groove
    fitting system. This gives a tight and secure fit, and means that any experienced wooden floor fitter can install HempWood® flooring too.
  • As with most engineered flooring, HempWood® is compatible with underfloor heating systems.
  • HempWood® flooring can last a lifetime if looked after and cared
    for correctly. However, if you are ready for a change, you can recycle
    your flooring as it is fully compostable.

What else can HempWood® be used for?
HempWood® can be used for a number of different things, flooring is just one of them. Once the hemp has been harvested, combined with the soya-based adhesive, and compressed, the durable blocks can be made into almost anything. Some examples are: wall cladding, lumber blocks for building, picture frames, cabinets and tables. Think of HempWood® as a substitute for wood; it can be used in similar ways, but is a far more sustainable material.
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