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ARDEX Introduces S1 adhesive with extended pot life and rapid setting

ARDEX X 11 W is described by the company as a new enhanced flexible S1 adhesive for walls and floors.

Says the company: ‘A semi-rapid product, it gives contractors a longer pot life of two-and-a-half hours and a 45-minute open time on walls or floors – meaning tilers spend less time mixing and more time fixing.

‘The 45-minute open time provides fixers with the confidence to tile over larger areas, without worrying that the product will skin over and stop effective adhesion between the tile and substrate.

However, unlike traditional standard sets that can take anything from 16-24 hours to set, ARDEX X 11 W sets in just six-to-eight hours – effectively overnight – meaning contractors can get on and grout sooner – or allow other trades back onsite.’

Continues the company: ‘Formulated with a high gel rheology provides fixers with a creamier, smoother and easier to mix adhesive that is incredibly easy to apply to walls or floors. Shape memory and full wettability means that ribs hold their shape when trowelled, while easily collapsing under a tile for full coverage.

‘With C2TE S1 classification, it has excellent non-slip characteristics and high grab to ensure perfect fixing results – particularly with large format wall tiles. With ARDEX X 11 W, there’s no need for battens at all!’

Adds the company: ‘Another exciting feature of ARDEX X 11 W is the ability to build out to 15mm bed depths in isolated areas. This reduces the need for a separate levelling compound if there are only small areas that need bringing up in height. Bedding out to 15mm is also useful if walls or window niches aren’t quite flat – or when you need to pack out tile backer boards either on walls or floors. Coming in 20kg bags, ARDEX X 11 W has a coverage of 5sq m at 3mm – or 0.6m3 per kg.

‘White in colour for all applications, it can be used for most tile types including non-moisture sensitive natural stone. For moisture-sensitive stone, you must use a rapid-setting adhesive.
Highly polymer-modified with S1 deformability, it’s perfect for use over underfloor heating systems – including some overlay or retrofit systems – contact our technical department for a full recommendation.’

Part of the ARDEX tile adhesive range
Says the company: ‘ARDEX X 11 W is part of the ARDEX range of high-performance standard-set tile adhesives. ARDEX X 7 Flexible Standard Set Tile Adhesive provides a more traditional rheology with a five-hour pot life, setting in eight hours on walls and 24 hours on floors. It can be used with a bed thickness of 1-6mm and can be enhanced with the use of ARDEX E90 additive.’

The company continues: ‘ARDEX X 77 Standard Set Flexible MICROTEC adhesive provides a 60-minute open time, with MICROTEC technology providing the highest non-slip and high-grab performance, and as a high yield product provides 40% more coverage than standard products.’

GivBax Rewards
The company adds: ‘As with all ARDEX products, any purchase of ARDEX X 11 W can be redeemed for GivBax Rewards points through the GivBax Rewards App. Each bag of ARDEX X 11 W is worth five points, when invoices or receipts are scanned or uploaded onto the App. GivBax Rewards is the simplest, most rewarding loyalty app for professional tile fixers.

‘Sign up now and start earning points every time you purchase an ARDEX product. From levelling compounds to tile adhesives, earning points couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to print off forms or fill out paperwork; simply scan your receipt to earn points. It’s as easy as taking a picture.

‘Keep track of your points in the app and when you’ve earned enough, convert them into cash by hitting redeem. You’ll receive a text with a unique code which you can use to withdraw your cash in more than 18,000 participating ATMs in the UK.’

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