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CRT Flooring Specialists has used UltraFloor’s latest product innovation

CRT Flooring Specialists has used UltraFloor’s latest product innovation, Level IT Hydra Bond, to install 800sq m of vinyl flooring at Warrington’s £4.3m emergency department extension.

Infrastructure and building specialists, Tilbury Douglas, have been appointed by Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to complete the extension. The much-needed investment will increase capacity, improve patient care and modernise facilities.

The challenge
High performance products that would work quickly and withstand the constant and heavy trafficking of hospital staff, patients and medical equipment were critical to the success of this project, says UltraFloor.

The solution
Explains the company: ‘Following a bespoke site specification completed by UltraFloor’s technical training and site support manager, Martin Pouncey, CFA member and flooring contractor, CRT Flooring Specialists, used DPM IT, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer and Level IT Hydra Bond to complete the 800sq m installation.

‘DPM IT is a two-component, solvent-free epoxy resin system for use as a surface dampproof membrane. Designed to provide protection against subfloor moisture, DPM IT has a pot-life of 45-75 minutes, a cure time of five hours and boasts a 98% RH floor moisture tolerance.

‘Formulated to promote adhesion to all UltraFloor smoothing underlayments, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer reduces pinholing, minimising the risk of costly failures. With a coverage rate of 200sq m at 3:1 dilution, Prime IT multi-surface Primer is a must-have product for all flooring installation projects.

‘Once fully dried, UltraFloor Level IT Hydra Bond was applied across the 800sq m area. Level IT Hydra Bond is a ground-breaking, water-based floor leveller that can be applied to bitumen and adhesive residues without the need to prime.’

The company continues: ‘Level IT Hydra Bond is a super polymer modified smoothing compound which utilises UltraFloor’s unique technology – a process which enhances application and boasts unrivalled flow properties. What’s more, each bag of Level IT Hydra Bond also contains 20% recycled material. In addition, Level IT Hydra Bond can receive bonded floorcoverings after four hours, has an extended working time of 45 minutes for optimal usability, and is moisture-tolerant and protein-free.’

On the performance of UltraFloor Level IT Hydra Bond, Richard Martin, office manager at CRT Flooring Specialists, commented: ‘It’s fantastic. Flows really well.’

The vinyl flooring installation was reportedly completed on time and the remaining extension work is continuing as scheduled.

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