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F Ball & Co to attend Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe

F BALL & CO will showcase its range of products for creating what it describes as flawless flooring installations in marine and offshore environments, including its recently launched fast-track, pressure-sensitive adhesive for luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), Styccobond F58 PLUS, at this year’s Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe (Stand 314 on 1-2 December).

Exported globally, F Ball & Co’s Maritime Equipment Directive (MED) certified products have been used to install flooring in some of the world’s most prestigious cruise ships, as well as polar exploration vessels, Mediterranean super yachts, New Orleans paddle steamer showboats, and offshore oil rigs.

Says the company: ‘The company’s products for marine applications are tested in accordance with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) standards. These include adhesives for almost every type of decorative floorcovering.

‘F Ball & Co’s newest adhesive, Styccobond F58 PLUS, enables LVT tiles and planks to be secured from just five minutes. Developed as a ‘transitional’ adhesive, Styccobond F58 PLUS transitions from a wet-lay adhesive when initially applied to a subfloor, through a semi-wet stage to become fully pressure sensitive.

‘Fibres in the adhesive provide resistance to lateral movement, preventing vinyl tiles and planks from moving around when working. When used as a wet-lay adhesive, it’s also suitable for the installation of rubber sheet and tile floorcoverings up to 2.5mm thick.’

Among other key products are Stopgap 700 Superflex levelling compound, which is recommended for substrates subject to flexing or movement with temperature changes, such as steel decking, and Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS temperature tolerant vinyl adhesive, which is able to withstand extreme changes in temperature and is resistant to water.

F Ball & Co says it will also use the Cruise Ships Interiors Expo to reinforce what it describes as the company’s leading credentials in the manufacture of subfloor preparation products, highlighting ‘the continual innovation and development of its products, supported by certification of its manufacturing and quality processes to international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001’.

Commenting on the company’s presence at the show, F Ball export business manager Jonathan Goold said: ‘Achieving a perfect finished appearance for the flooring in cruise ships and other marine vessels is as important as every other aspect of the internal décor and furniture. In addition, ensuring the flooring maintains its integrity over the lifetime of the installation – both in terms of appearance and safety – is a critical consideration for any marine environment.

‘F Ball products are developed and exhaustively tested to ensure these benefits can be guaranteed.’
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