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How do contractors ensure they are using the best adhesive available?

Choosing the best adhesive is one of the most important decisions in any flooring installation. The choice of adhesive selected for use will be dependent upon the flooring materials that are being installed, the environment in which they are being installed, the type of substrate and the final working parameters required of the adhesive. It’s also important the material is environmentally friendly with low VOCs.

Adhesive manufacturers can help with adhesive recommendations and their customers’ requirements, advising whether they will require a dispersion, reactive or conductive type of adhesive for their installation. Other factors to take into consideration when choosing an adhesive are the working times and site requirements where sometimes faster install times are required owing to onsite time constraints.

New trends in flooring materials, including the use of more recycled material in their manufacture, makes the correct selection of adhesive far more important so successful installations are carried out. Always speak to your adhesive manufacturer’s representative or technical department to obtain specific advice on the best adhesive for your project, and technical support to help you complete
the installation of your flooring.

Stewart Plant, technical services advisor, products for resilient and textile flooring

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