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Innovative carpet tile tackifier by F Ball and Co

CARPET tile tackifiers, rather than adhesives that create a permanent bond, allow individual carpet tiles to be easily and individually replaced if they become worn, damaged or stained.
F Ball and Co’s Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier reportedly provides a permanently tacky film, which is said to prevent ‘looselay’ carpet tiles from moving laterally under normal traffic but allows for easy removal and replacement where needed.

Says the company: ‘The solvent-free product provides easy application due to its low viscosity, extensive coverage and a fast drying time – all while still allowing carpet tiles to be lifted easily when required. The carpet tile tackifier is certified EMICODE EC1 Plus, testament to its ultra-low VOC emissions, which make it suitable for use in offices and education environments that need to remain in use while the installation takes place.’

F Ball continues: ‘Like all F Ball adhesives, the product undergoes rigorous testing in different environments and applications to check its performance with a range of different manufacturers’ floor tiles. For example, the ‘roller castor chair test’ mimics a person seated in a castor chair rolling back and forth and moving around, thereby simulating the stresses that an office flooring installation would normally be subject to – 25,000 revolutions of chair castors, weighted down by 90kg and changing direction every 60 seconds.

‘The test is designed to assess the performance, strength and durability of the adhesive bond with the carpet tile, which has to last the lifetime of the installation.’

Adds the company: ‘Styccobond F41 can be used for securing a wide range of dimensionally stable ‘flat lay’ carpet tiles backed with bitumen/felt, non-woven fabric, PVC and other polymer backings. It can be applied over Stopgap smoothing compounds, Stopgap waterproof surface membranes and a number of absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, including structurally sound, smooth and dry concrete, sand/cement screed, plywood, raised access flooring panels and terrazzo.

‘It’s also approved for use in marine flooring installations and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating systems.’

To check the compatibility of particular floorcoverings and adhesives, flooring contractors can consult F Ball’s industry-leading recommended adhesives guide (RAG), which lists adhesives recommended for use with more than 6,000 floorcoverings produced by over 200 manufacturers.

It’s available as a free app or a printed booklet, and an interactive version can be found on the F Ball website. Contractors can also contact F. Ball’s technical service department, from 8.30am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday, for advice on floorcovering-adhesive compatibility. Otherwise, they can refer to the floorcovering manufacturer’s instructions.

Flooring contractors can purchase Styccobond F41 in 5L and 20L bottles as well as in a 15L rectangular bucket – ‘for ease of application. All containers are
re-sealable for future use’.

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