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Mapei unveils versatile and solvent-free Mapefloor I 320 SL concept epoxy floor coating

MAPEFLOOR I 320 SL Concept is described by Mapei a solvent-free epoxy floor solution with versatile applications. Developed for commercial and civil environments, it’s a self-levelling epoxy floor coating with a coloured granular finish.

Says Mapei: ‘Highly versatile, durable and solvent-free, it provides strength, excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, and also neutralises electrostatic charges; these features make it suitable for areas subjected to medium-heavy loads, heavy pedestrian traffic, and sterile environments.

‘Made according to a special formula developed in Mapei’s own R&D laboratories, Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept is a two-component epoxy resin-based coating with a 2mm thickness.’

The company continues: ‘Quick to apply, its hardened surface creates a smooth and seamless floor that is safe, hygienic, exceptionally wear resistant and easy to maintain. In addition, the surface doesn’t require seal coats and exceeds 36 on PTV (pendulum test value) slip tests in wet environments.

The new coating is offered in five colour options – light grey, dark grey, light blue, dark blue and red – which can be used in combination to creating zoning and decorative designs.

Examples of applications span laboratories and distribution warehouses, hospitality, education and retail settings and medical and pharmaceutical environments, including clinics, isolation wards and canteens.

Concludes Mapei: ‘Mapefloor I 320 SL Concept is EN 13813 compliant. After application, the finish is dust dry after about four hours, set to foot traffic after about 24 hours and is fully hardened after about seven days.’

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