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Premium floor tile adhesives suited for the flooring industry

ULTRAFLOOR’s sister brand, UltraTile, is home to a portfolio of what are described as contractor-friendly, premium floor tile adhesives suited for the flooring industry. For the installation of popular ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, UltraTile recommends the use of a standard set tile adhesive such as ProSS Flex.

Says the company: ‘Formulated with extended workability, ProSS Flex can receive light foot traffic in 16 hours and is suitable for installations where speed of set isn’t essential. Today’s popular large format tiles demand an adhesive with exceptional grab and ProGrip FX does just that. ProGrip FX is a fibre-reinforced, single-part, semi-rapid setting, flexible tile adhesive that’s just the job for this type of tiling task. The fibres in the ProGrip FX formula aid the adhesive capabilities of the product making it a stronger bond, as well as providing superior non-slip properties.

‘UltraTile ProRapid PB is a rapid-setting, cementitious floor adhesive with increased bond strength. Polymer modified for an enhanced performance, ProRapid PB is suitable for use with floor tiles such as ceramic, mosaic and natural stone.’

The company continues: ‘The flexible properties of ProRapid RS rapid set tile adhesive makes it suitable for use in wet areas and with underfloor heating. Polymer modified and formulated with enhanced adhesion, ProRapid RS is suitable for use with most common substrates and has a set time of just 2.5 hours.

‘Also available are ProFlex SP rapid set and ProFlex SPES standard set flexible tile adhesives. Both adhesives are classified as S1 in accordance with EN 12004 and have a high level for deformation for greater tolerance to movement. The S1 properties of ProFlex SP and ProFlex SPES make them suitable for timber floor and underfloor heating systems.’

The company continues: ‘If you’re looking for a floor adhesive which boasts ultimate S2 flexibility then ProFlex S2 is the adhesive for you. The superior flexible properties of ProFlex S2 make it a suitable choice for areas where movement or vibration can occur including plywood, chipboard overlays, swimming pools and underfloor heating. What’s more, ProFlex S2 has been formulated using FibreBond technology – a process which involves the addition of fibre particles for superior non-slip properties.’

Completing the range of ProFlex is CSA – a calcium sulphate aluminate-based adhesive for compatibility with calcium sulphate screeds. ‘This compatibility ensures low tension throughout the curing process without the need for barrier primers,’ says UltraTile.

The company concludes: ‘Every flooring adhesive in the UltraTile range is available in a 20kg contractor-friendly bag, features a handy product selection table, which makes choosing the perfect product swift and easy, and boasts a lifetime guarantee – giving you complete confidence UltraTile products are designed to last.’

If you’re interested in learning more about UltraFloor or UltraTile’s range of materials, join their training team at an upcoming academy day. To book a training day, or to see the full calendar of events, visit instarmactrainingacademy.co.uk.
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