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Should contractors use a single adhesive manufacturer’s system on an installation?

My advice is yes, they should. Flooring systems are designed for a specific requirement and they are tested extensively to ensure the system’s components are fully compatible with one another.
It’s not very often that a manufacturer tests their systems with another manufacturer’s products, so whenever a seemingly random selection of products are used together, the compatibility, optimal performance and long-term integrity are completely unknown, and this can lead to failures.

It’s unlikely a manufacturer will guarantee the performance of their product in a system that is completely untested. If things go wrong, this can lead to the ‘blame game’, where nobody will hold their hand up and take responsibility – because nobody can, which slows down resolutions dramatically. The onus will then fall on the person or company who chose the products. This can prove very costly for the responsible party and the end user will suffer whilst the remediation of the issue drags on.

The systems offered by a dedicated manufacturer are tried and tested not just once, but countless times. The manufacturer repeats this process over and over to fully ensure they can provide the best possible performance. Therefore, technical support teams can be confident that when the products are applied in the sequence recommended, and in accordance with the application method stated, the system will work.

Louise Vanham, category manager – walls and floors

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