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Superior seamless floors for all settings

The specification of seamless flooring has become common practice within the construction sector. In addition to industrial and commercial buildings, resin and cementitious-based systems are also used in the residential sector and can be applied in a variety of ways, in all types of settings – from highly automated systems for industry, to hospitals, hospitality settings, and even homes.

Mapei has developed a range of cutting-edge systems for the seamless floor sector, designed to meet very specific demands. Practical and efficient, these systems have been designed to facilitate fast-track installation and provide exceptional functionality, strength, durability, and aesthetics. They include Mapefloor – a complete range of resin-based systems – and cementitious system, Ultratop. Both systems can be used to create surfaces that meet specific end-user requirements, in terms of hygiene, sustainability, creativity, comfort, and wellbeing in the most diverse settings.

Mapefloor is a range of epoxy and polyurethan resin systems suitable for all types of environments, from clinical and industrial to food production and retail. Benefits in the range include a seamless finish, abrasion resistance, non-slip properties, chemical resistance, aesthetic finishes, and a wide range of colour options.

Mapei Ultratop system is a self-levelling, ultra-fast setting cementitious system that creates a smooth, decorative floor with a polished and unpolished effect, in thicknesses from 10 to 40mm. Designed for civil, retail, hospitality, office, and residential settings, Ultratop is fast to install and the polished cycle can be carried out just two to three days after installation; polishing is carried out using the dry technique with special diamond-tipped tools, enabling different shades to be used together.

Mapei’s seamless floor systems can be tailored to suit the application, the thickness of the floor and type of formulation employed. They are offered in an extensive array of colours, shades, and patterns, to create surfaces that are not only unique, but which also meet specific specification demands in terms of performance.

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