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Tilemaster Adhesives offers the Eco-3000 range for resilient flooring

TILEMASTER Adhesives offers the Eco-3000 range for the resilient flooring industry, and a full range of professional adhesives for tiling.

Says the company: ‘Eco-3000 HT is a universal high-temperature, solvent-free adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of floorcoverings such as LVT, PVC, sheet vinyl and PVC-backed carpet onto many different substrates, suitable for use with UFH and in glass-fronted buildings, conservatories, etc where the floor is exposed to direct sunlight.

It has a high-shear bond strength and dries to a hard final set. It’s a wet-set product, and its 40-minute working time is ample to install floorcoverings.

Continues the company: ‘Eco-3000 PS is the newly launched pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it suitable for installing LVT floorcoverings. It’s been specially formulated with a short open time to give it excellent initial grab, making it suitable for intricate designs where it’s important there’s no movement within the installed LVT.’

Tilemaster says Eco-3000 PS has an excellent final bond strength ensuring a firm hold between the floorcovering and the substrate, a fast-tacking off time meaning installation can begin after as little as 10 minutes and is said to be suitable for use on various substrates including cement-based smoothing compounds, calcium sulphate-based smoothing compounds and flooring grade plywood.
The tiling range includes various adhesives reportedly suitable for all substrates, tiling materials and site conditions.

Continues the company: ‘Where a flexible adhesive is required, there’s a choice of standard, semi-rapid and rapid-setting products in the Setaflex range, a polymer-modified, flexible cement-based wall and floor tile adhesive. Setaflex Standard Set (3-4 hour pot-life, grouting after 24 hours) and Semi-Rapid Setaflex (pot-life of 90-120 minutes, grouting after six hours) have been developed to give an extended pot-life, making them suitable for working with larger, difficult to manoeuvre tiles. They can be used internally and externally on almost all substrates, and in areas exposed to prolonged wet conditions.’

It adds: ‘Rapid Setaflex is ready for grouting after three hours with a 30-minute pot-life and has genuine S1 flexibility making it suitable for use on timber substrates and with UFH systems. Ultimate is another flexible, polymer-modified, rapid-setting tiling adhesive that’s been developed for use on difficult to tile substrates such as fibreglass and metal.’

Contact Tilemaster Adhesives for more information and technical advice on the best products for your particular project.
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