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VISUAL merchandising is an important part of your overall store success. Customer shopping journey is directly linked to making your retail space appealing to customers and ensuring they can feel comfortable.

So what does this really mean for your shop? It’s simple. When you can establish an emotional connection between the environment where your products are and the customers, who actively engage with it, then you’re on the right path. In short, without using any of the industry jargon, visual merchandising done right translates to creating the right experience that is able to inspire your customers, visit your shop again and keep on buying from you. This process is related to both the outside and the inside of your shop.

The importance of a visual merchandiser lies in the fact they’re able to embody the cultural values and the emotions of brands in your shop. This, in turn, leads to increased awareness and loyalty for brands.

The company writes:
ADP understands that the layout of your product and display is one of the most difficult tasks to master owing to the wide range of solutions that can be provided, in order to achieve that connection to your customer. ADP ensures the styling, layout and design of your Point of Display (POS) is 100% in conjunction with your instructions and planning documents.

So are your products being seen? Do you want to remain competitive and maximise the reaction you get out of your customers?
ADP ensures your brand gets maximum exposure by executing your plans and instructions seamlessly with our merchandising services. As a visual merchandising company, we want to maximise the impact of your products in-store.

Keeping up with the changing trends in the market and ensuring you have a short- or long-term strategy in place for your merchandising needs can be complicated. ADP Distribution offers you the capability to develop a cost-effective solution to your in-store merchandising needs as well the capacity to act quickly on these changes.

From DIY to travel retail, retail windows, store interiors, event spaces, promotional pop-ups, we have years of experience in the field marketing and merchandising sectors, having worked across the UK and internationally. We have successfully helped businesses across different sectors increase their authority within their market by implementing innovating merchandising strategies.

ADP’s in-store merchandising services include:

  • Display stands
  • Sample distribution
  • Colour and range changes
  • Product merchandising
  • Sampling accessories
  • Stock rotation
  • Point-of-sale replacement and management
  • New range introduction
  • Off & onsite repairs
  • Store rollouts

Whether you need a ‘one off’ merchandising solution or are looking for an ongoing merchandising project, ADP is your trusted merchandising company in the UK that can offer a comprehensive service always to the highest standard.

ADP can boast several successful projects in the UK and Europe. Let us maximise your products’ potential in the market, and ensure your brand and promotions are available, prominent, consistent, compliant and ahead of your competitors.
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