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Altro Walkway™ 20: A legacy of safety

Take yourself back to 1988, a time when hair was voluminous, shoulder pads were colossal, and mobile phones were gigantic. Meanwhile, at our head office in Letchworth Garden City, the first batches of Altro Walkway 20 were being loaded onto trucks.

Back then, this innovative safety floor boasted a Pendulum Test Value of ≥36, came in eight stylish shades, and, at 2mm thickness, stood as our slimmest offering at the time. It provided a cost-effective safety solution, replacing traditional choices like linoleum or smooth vinyl in various applications.

“When Altro Walkway 20 launched, it was welcomed both by the team here at Altro and our customers. Over the years I have installed countless thousands of metres and it’s one of my favourite products, no question. It’s robust, yet forgiving and easy to work with, and I know people in the trade who won’t use any other 2mm safety floor; it’s the product of choice time and time again,” said David Gatfield, former Regional Technical Services Manager at Altro for over 50 years.

Altro Walkway 20 quickly gained popularity, becoming a favourite for customers globally, from the mountains of Taiwan to Mexico and Australia and everywhere in between. Today, Altro Walkway 20 has secured its position as our best-selling product for customers, installers and contractors. As design preferences evolved over the years, so did the demand for a more extensive colour palette, prompting us to expand the options to an impressive 42.

Despite being 35 years old, Altro Walkway 20 is eco-friendly and up to date. Pre-installation, it’s 100% recyclable, and like our other safety floors, boasts an A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating.

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