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Flooring made with lower-carbon PVC

Altro uses Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC for the production of floor and wall systems designed for commercial and domestic spaces.

GreenVin® PVC is produced with renewable power and has a lower carbon footprint – with carbon-dioxide savings of about 25% compared to conventionally produced ®Vinnolit PVC.

Altro has set itself the goal of significantly reducing its carbon footprint for scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions through a combination of increased efficiencies and renewable energy use. One component of Altro’s sustainability strategy is the use of lower-carbon Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC in the production of Altro’s flooring products, manufactured in both the UK and Germany.

Altro supplies flooring to a wide range of sectors including healthcare, education, hospitality, leisure and retail. Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC is utilised in the formulation of 90% of Altro’s global flooring products.

To manufacture GreenVin® PVC, Westlake Vinnolit purchases electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind or hydropower, fed to the shared power grid and backed by high-quality renewable energy certificates (Guarantees of Origin / GOs).

In this way, GreenVin® PVC is made with 100% renewable power and provides customers a material with reduced CO2 emissions. Depending on the PVC type, the carbon-dioxide savings of GreenVin® PVC are approximately 25% compared to conventionally produced ®Vinnolit PVC.

The respective carbon footprint for the entire Vinnolit product portfolio was calculated by Sustainable AG in accordance with the ISO 14067 standard. Review and certification are carried out by TÜV Rheinland.

“As carbon footprint reduction is one of our key strategic sustainability drivers, the partnership we have with Westlake Vinnolit is key to our success. Our innovation and product development team is continually striving for high quality, carbon reducing materials and Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC is a step in the right direction”, says Sarah de los Rios, Altro’s Commercial and Marketing Director.

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