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Healthcare design for hospitals

Welcome to the dynamic realm of healthcare design, where the focal point lies on the transformative force of the New Hospital Programme (NHP), amalgamating efficiency, adaptability, sustainability, and cost savings.

This force is reshaping hospital spaces, not only to cater to the diverse needs of patients and healthcare professionals but also to leave an enduring positive impact on our planet. Embark on a journey where innovative design and conscious choices converge to craft healing environments that withstand the test of time.

Traditionally, the healthcare sector has presented challenges for designers and architects, particularly in the specification of materials and finishes for floors, doors, and walls. The stringent criteria encompass enhanced safety standards, impeccable hygiene, legislative obligations, and sustainable considerations.

Altro, in collaboration with industry experts, has pioneered an integrated systems approach for hospitals. This approach encompasses floors, walls, and doors that not only meet rigorous criteria but also enhance the physical and emotional well-being of staff, patients, residents, and visitors. Our systems boast attributes such as easy cleanability, resistance to stains and indentations, slip resistance, customisability, quick installation, easy repair, and HACCP approval.

Hygiene and adaptability are at the forefront of our solutions. Users seek reassurance that premises are clean and well-maintained, especially in environments where budgets are tight. Altro’s resilient flooring for kitchens and hygienic spaces, along with Altro hygienic wall cladding, are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approved, ensuring safety for both food and medical settings.

Integrating biophilic design, which brings nature into the environment, is key to fostering a sense of calm and well-being. Our floors and walls offer a plethora of colour options, wood-look, and custom designs, creating a biophilic environment that aids in the promotion of recovery.

Altro Whiterock walls and doors, in conjunction with Altro safety or Altro smooth floors, establish an impervious and easy-to-clean system that complies with the hygienic requirements of even the most critical care environments. Yet, they also present an extensive colour palette to fashion a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

In the realm of hospital environments designed for healing, addressing both physical and mental health needs is a challenge. Altro recognizes the importance of creating safe environments that resonate with the comfort of home for staff, patients, residents, and visitors. We stand by you from specification to after-care, offering industry-leading support and expertise.

When budgets are a concern, Altro provides assurance that your investment will deliver proven cleanability and hygiene, maintain its appearance and performance for years, and ultimately provide excellent long-term value.

With Altro, your healthcare spaces are not just designed; they are crafted to nurture well-being and endure the test of time.

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