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If we never tried anything new….

Picture a world where old-fashioned glued floors are a thing of the past, replaced by a hassle-free, stylish alternative that not only gives you more freedom in design but also helps take care of the environment.

Altro adhesive-free floors are not just a choice; they’re an invitation to try something new.

Just like switching from printed encyclopaedias to internet search engines changed how we research and communicate, choosing Altro’s adhesive-free floors means taking a big step forward in reducing embodied carbon in building design. Altro pioneered the first safety floor without adhesive back in 2009, and since then, we’ve been all about innovation and improvement.

Our adhesive-free floors don’t just make installation easier—it also means you can lay, weld and walk the same day, resulting in less downtime for busy areas. Made in the UK and Germany with locally sourced materials, Altro’s adhesive-free floors come in various designs, from patterns to stone and wood looks.

“We do still have some issues with people not being on board with adhesive-free. To us, adhesive-free is a great solution where you have issues with the subfloor, need to maintain flexibility and not add lots of extra process to the project. Adhesive-free products help us to figure out solutions before there are problems, rather than have to find the reasons for failure.” Rob Moore of Woodmoore Flooring

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