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GivBax Rewards app from ARDEX and BAL

GIVBAX Rewards from ARDEX and BAL is ‘the simplest, most rewarding loyalty app for professional floorlayers and tile fixers’, says the company.

Download GivBax Rewards from 3 July on the App Store or Google Play. Then, simply buy your ARDEX or BAL products and scan your receipt in the app to earn points. Redeem points on rewards, including cash, which is available to withdraw from over 18,000 ATMs across the UK, says BAL.

How to earn points
You can earn points on all ARDEX and BAL branded products, anything from levelling compounds to tile adhesives, and everything in between, and it couldn’t be easier, says BAL. You just scan your receipts or invoices in the app.

‘There’s no need to print off forms or fill in complex paperwork. It’s as easy as taking a picture. You can also see what points are gained for each product in the app and instantly see how many points you have gained so when you’ve earned enough, you can convert directly into cash by hitting the ‘redeem’ button,’ says the company.

How can I claim my cash?
Once you’ve redeemed your cash reward in the app, you’ll reportedly receive a unique code by text which can be used to withdraw your cash from over 18,000 ATMs in the UK. ‘There’s no more waiting around for prizes or rewards you don’t want or need. In fact, as soon as you earn enough points to redeem, you can select the cash reward, perfect for a few Friday night beers or a contribution to the holiday fund,’ added the company. ‘What’s more, by turning on notifications, you’ll get the latest offers and promotions to make sure you never miss out on bonus points and special offers. You’ll even get the chance to earn awards and badges, as well as getting other exclusive merchandise and rewards.’

How much are points worth?
Every point is worth 10p. So, 100 points equal £10. Each product has a set point value ranging from 1pt-50pts with the average reward equating to 2.5% cashback per product.
However, there’s plenty of opportunities to gain bonus points on certain products during promotional periods, so make sure your notifications are turned on, says the company.
You can find the points value of each ARDEX or BAL product in the ‘See’ tab in the app.

Do you have to earn thousands of points to be rewarded?
‘No’, says the company: ‘In fact, if you use a full system of BAL products to tile an average-sized domestic wet room, or ARDEX products to fit LVT in a kitchen, you could earn enough points for a £10 reward straight away.

‘That’s £10 back from these jobs and into your wallet, every time, just for doing the same work as usual.’

There’s got to be a catch?
‘There’s no catch but of course, there’s standard terms and conditions as there would be for anything. But as no-one tends to read these, here are a couple of things any user should know,’ says the company:

‘You can’t upload those receipts you’ve been hoarding in your van for the last 10 years, you can only start uploading receipts dated on/from the day you sign up to GivBax Rewards. The receipts you upload also need to be your own receipts and can only be claimed once.

You also have 60 days to upload receipts for points to be allocated. Any receipts uploaded after 60 days from the purchase date of the products won’t be accepted but given how easy it is to scan a receipt, that’s plenty of time. You can even do it as you walk from the trade counter before getting in your van.’

Download it now and enter the following sign-up code (MAG1) to earn10 bonus points.

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