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The new Color Scale office carpet collection by Balsan

TODAY, our relationship with work is undergoing rapid transformation and offices are being reinvented.

The new art of working
The digital era and mobility are changing our relationship with the workplace, with team working and interactive technology encouraging co-working in ways that are more collaborative, fun and interconnected than ever, raising levels of wellbeing.

The new Color Scale office carpet collection by Balsan, launched by the Grey Matter series, offers six different creative energies (four in tiles and two in planks), so you can design what are described as stimulating workspaces to get those little grey cells working.

Putting your wellbeing first
Says Balsan: ‘The first thing you’ll notice about the Grey Matter office carpet collection is its visual appeal, which draws inspiration from different creative energies. Depending on the ambiance you’re aiming to create, you can choose subtle or more intense contrasts that absorb or intensify the light.

They’ve noise reduction backing (NRB), which provides your office with acoustic insulation, perfect for quiet working in open-plan spaces.’

Get creative
Be bold and customise your carpet, says Balsan. ‘Tiles and planks are really versatile so make the most of this and mix and match to create your own design. Fill your offices with creative energy!’

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