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1868 Engineered Wood Flooring from Beach Bros

Our 1868 range of engineered wood flooring unites our 150 years of experience machining timber, with the very latest developments in manufacturing luxury engineered wood flooring – all of which is truly unique to Beach Bros Ltd.

1868 Production

The European Oak for our 1868 range is solely sourced from Baltic forests which are renowned for their slow growth characteristics which ensures stability when it is being dried.

Unlike our competition who produce top layers from thicker sections of kiln dried timber which are then band sawn, we cut our top layers directly from fresh sawn logs. Although cutting top layers from kiln dried timber is quicker, it results in tension within the top layers as well as stronger colour changes due to the forced extraction of moisture and tannins.

Every 1868 top layer is fresh cut at 7mm or 9mm thick, after which the ends of the boards are dipped in wax to prevent end cracks. The fresh cut and waxed top layers are then individually dried on aluminium racks to avoid stick marks.

After air drying the top layers are kiln dried according to a moderate drying schedule to 6-8% moisture content, resulting in perfect top layers, free of tension and having retained their original natural colour.

Our 1868 top layers are then calibrated for width and thickness before gluing and pressing them onto the plywood. The calibration to thickness is performed by a rotating planing machine which is especially developed for this purpose, resulting in a very even and straight top layer, free of any hidden Tensions with an optimized, even surface which forms a perfect surface for the glue to adhere to.

Consistent high quality birch plywood is an essential component within our 1868 flooring. Prior to production all of our plywood is acclimatised in the kiln with the top layers for several days to ensure the moisture content is the same as the top layer, avoiding any tension within the finished flooring.

Our top layers are then cold pressed onto the plywood, using an adhesive, called an EPI- system, provided by Dynea in Norway. The Prefere 6170 with Prefere 6670 hardener is a 100% formaldehyde-free adhesive system. The adhesive is ideal for gluing critical materials and species such as oak, core smoked oak and resinous wood species such as douglas fir.

After the pressing, all open defects are filled. Prior to filling, each open defect is inspected and if needed, loose particles and ingrown bark are removed to ensure an optimal bonding of the filler. The filler is a mix of saw-dust and a two-component glue, which can be pigmented. It bonds extremely well, is very hard, and withstands the toughest circumstances.

1868 Grades

All our engineered wood floors are graded to order by our in-house wood flooring technicians for colour, sap and knots. As grading is done by human eye a small percentage of the boards may fall outside the normal grading parameters and therefore the following descriptions should be used as a guide to the overall appearance of the floor and not a guarantee.

We cannot accept rejection of a complete floor based on a small number of boards being outside the grading parameters and we strongly advise that our floors are installed by a professional wood flooring installer who will remove any defects within the normal wastage allowance.

Wood Flooring Finishes

The longevity and durability of a wood floor is completely dependent upon the quality and the application process of the chosen finish. That is why after 150 years of working with wood, we have partnered with the renowned German finishing company – Saicos. We exclusively use their products on all our floors through our customised finishing line in Exeter.

The Saicos Hardwax oil system is unique in providing an open pore surface, allowing the wood to breathe thereby reducing the natural movement of wood. The Saicos Hardwax Oil also penetrates deep into the pores of the wood producing a hard wearing, water and dirt repellent surface which is easy to clean.

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